Which safety glasses are best for home use?

Which safety glasses are best for home use?

As with independent contractors, you should choose safety frames and lenses rated for high impact, for maximum protection.

If you don't require prescription lenses, or you wear contact lenses, you can purchase non-prescription safety eyewear from most hardware, building supply and sporting goods stores.

These safety glasses usually are made of lightweight polycarbonate for comfort and are available in attractive wrap-style frames. For the greatest protection value, choose models that have the high impact rating. 

Some models are even available with a bifocalreading segment in the bottom half of the lens if you are over age 40 and have presbyopia.

If you need prescription safety glasses, you must purchase these from an eye doctor or at an optical store with a valid eyeglass prescription written by a licensed eye care professional. Again, for the best protection, choose safety eyewear with a high impact rating. (The lenses will bear the manufacturer's trademark and a "+." The frame will be marked "Z87-2" on the inside of the front and temples.)

If you're age 40 and have a bifocal eyeglass prescription, safety-rated progressive lenses are available to help you see clearly at all distances without bothersome bifocalor trifocal lines in the lenses.

For mowing lawns and using a power trimmer or other power tools, choose a frame with side shields to protect you from flying particles or larger objects.

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