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A few simple swimming cheats tell you very practical

December 25, 2021

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1. Breaststroke formula

1. One of the breaststroke formulas:

1 Breaststroke kicks like a frog, kicking backwards and sliding forwards. Close your legs and heels against your hips, and your knees should be as wide as your shoulders. Slowly retract your legs while closing, turning your toes to both sides. Push back vigorously to pinch the water and float with your feet together for a while.

2 The arms of the breaststroke stroke are symmetrical, and the peach-shaped stroke is sideways. Bent your wrists to catch the water, and draw back with your arms high and elbows bent. Move your hand under your shoulders quickly, and pinch your elbows inward. Stretch your hands forward in parallel, straighten and relax and move forward.

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3. Pay attention to the breaststroke coordination and proper breathing of the legs and arms. Relax your legs by paddling with your arms, and at the same time you close your hands and legs. Stretch your arms forward and kick the water, stretch your arms and legs straight and slide for a while. Slowly raise your head in the paddling, stretch out your hand to slide and exhale slowly.

4 Swipe with both arms at the same time, raise your head and inhale closely to follow. Squeeze the water with your legs and pedals, exhale with your nose and mouth in the water. Slowly retract your legs at the same time with your hands, stretch your arms forward and kick again. This kind of cooperation must be kept in mind, and coordination and cooperation must be learned.


2. Breaststroke formula two:

Separate hands and press wrists, double anchors to stretch fibers, hug the water with high elbows, turn palms and raise shoulders. Water comes out of the neck of the stem, the snake's waist drags the hips, the knees are folded, and the feet are turned out. Enter the water to hide your head, put your arms together and hide your shoulders, move your inner malleolus backwards, push down and spin down. The front is low and the back is high, sandboarding and stretching, stretching legs and abdomen, floating up to the surface.

2. Breaststroke formula:

1. Breaking up and pressing the wrist is the preparatory action to start the stroke, and it is the key to make the stroke effective. Press the sides of your hands down into a dovetail shape before you can enter the water pull stage.

2. The double-anchor pull fiber is different from the traditional wiper paddling. It tends to be close to the body straight pull similar to the butterfly stroke, emphasizing the paddling method based on resistance propulsion. When the hands are pressed down into a Y-shape, the hands are like two anchors stuck in the water, until the elbows are completely out of sight, and they continue to accelerate. The power of pulling makes the body follow the guidance of the head out of the water.

3. When holding water with high elbows, the elbows should always be higher than the hands to pull the water, so that the hands and forearms form a paddling surface, pull the body forward, until the palms and shoulders are caught in the water, the elbows are always in a state of tension.

4, the neck of the stem water is to say that the water should not be raised up, and the neck ridge should be kept in a straight line, rising and falling at the same time.

5. Snake waist and hip drag means that when pulling up, the back must be turned back, and then the back can rebound forward. The back bow should be erected like a cobra and ready to attack; the forward rebound is like the attack of a snake, with one bite. The former uses the waist, and the latter closes the abdomen.

6. Fold your knees. When you retract your legs, you only need to sag your knees and tuck your legs into a [W shape.

7. Biped valgus means that the toes point to the sides. Rotate your feet from [outer horoscopes into [inner horoscopes, whip backward and downward.

8. The concealed head in the water means to hide the head after entering the water, and it must be completely immersed in the water, preferably below the level of the body.

9. Close your arms and hide your shoulders and your arms should be as close as possible, as if you want to squeeze your head from between your arms.

10. The medial malleolus should be backward, and the medial malleolus should be facing the back. It is the initial phase of the kick and the key to the success or failure of the kick.

11. The pedal clamp rotates downwards, retracts for upward rotation, and pedal clamps for downward rotation; upward rotation until the toes point to both sides, and downward rotation until the soles of the feet are closed.

12. The front is low and the back is high. The stretch of sand sliding is the sliding phase into the water. It feels like head down and sliding down from a sandy hill until you break your hands and press your wrists. In the meantime, it seems that all the intercone discs have been released.

13. Stretch your legs and abdomen, and float up to the surface of the water. It means that you should prepare for the initial position of the subsequent stroke in the second half of the slide, press your wrists, and approach the surface of the water with inertia. If the body is still far from the surface of the water, the stretching will have to be replaced with pressurized water, and the forward momentum will be halved. Whale Goggles authorizes online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress to customize its own brand; offline authorized wholesalers and large sellers customize its own brand; we are a brand designer, factory manufacturer, and a large modern factory of 40,000 square meters , Welcome to email direct consultation!

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