Although myopia swimming goggles are good, choose one that suits you to avoid water leakage

December 20, 2021

Whale goggles and Biness goggles are a very good thing for nearsighted people. It is a good news for all myopic swimming enthusiasts to promote swimming and let more People learn to swim, let more people know the benefits of swimming, and let more rural children not suffer from drowning. Summer is coming, and many citizens like to go to the swimming pool to cool off, but for the short-sighted citizens, swimming is a troublesome thing. You can't swim without saying that you can't see clearly and hit people. However, recently many swimming enthusiasts have found a solution-wearing myopia swimming goggles. Are myopia swimming goggles useful? To this end, a survey visit was conducted.

Arena swimming goggles

Myopic swimming is troublesome, and myopic swimming goggles are popular. "My myopic friends are using myopic swimming goggles recently. Swimming in the water is much clearer, and it is more convenient to use than ordinary swimming goggles." Ms. Tian, who has a myopia of 600 degrees, is in a house with glasses. The store bought a myopic swimming goggles and recommended it to a friend. She said: “Although you can wear contact lenses while swimming, you will often get wet after all. It is also very inconvenient when you take a bath. If you don’t pay attention, the contact lenses may fall off and even cause eye inflammation.”

"When I got into the water, I couldn't see anything clearly. Swimming was too hard." The husband who was swimming in a gym had myopia of 800 degrees. He took off his myopia glasses and the world was blurred. He said: "I bought myopic swimming goggles on the Internet a week ago, and I can finally swim unimpeded in the water."

There is a big difference in the quality of swimming goggles. The doctor told me that as a new product, what is the sales volume of myopic swimming goggles in the market? How to choose assured products? On the afternoon of May 7, I visited several shops that specialize in swimming suits and swimming goggles, and found that the price difference between ordinary swimming goggles and myopic swimming goggles was not significant. Knowing that I had 500 degrees of myopia, a shop owner took out a 450-degree swimming goggles to try on. I put on my swimming goggles and looked far away, and immediately felt a little dizzy in my eyes. The boss comforted and said: "This is the first time I wear it. It's normal to not adapt. You can try 350 degrees." But after putting on the 350 degrees swimming goggles, I found that my vision is blurred, and it can't function as myopia at all. "Actually, 450 degrees is suitable for you, Dai Jiu is used to it." The shop owner hesitated and tried to persuade him.

Later, I visited several glasses shops on Dongchang Road. Upon inquiry, I learned that myopia swimming goggles are not in stock, and reservations are required to purchase them. "Myopia swimming goggles if the degrees of the two eyes are the same, and if the degrees of the two eyes are very different, they need to be customized. Because water will refract light, generally speaking, swimming goggles are 50-100 degrees lower than normal myopia. If the difference is large, you can buy it according to the principle of low price." An optician at an optician said, "Because water and air have different refractive indices to light, if the surface of the swimming goggles is uneven, it is like wearing it in the water. Convex or concave lenses can cause damage to the eyes over time and affect vision. Therefore, citizens should try their best to buy good lenses. A good pair of lenses should meet optical and medical standards. , The field of vision is also broad."

Myopia swimming goggles have many benefits, and the coach recommends to pay attention to maintenance. "I still recommend that you wear myopia swimming goggles. The vision will be clearer, which is conducive to swimming in the water. Wearing contact lenses for swimming can easily cause eye infections. Once you lose them, you will want to find It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.” Coach Zhao, who was teaching students to swim in a swimming pool, said to him, “However, it’s best not to wear myopic swimming goggles for more than one hour. Use swimming goggles instead, otherwise it will easily cause visual fatigue."

"Special attention should be paid to the maintenance of myopia swimming goggles. Swimming goggles do not need to be scrubbed. Try to avoid touching the mirror surface and inner with your hands or hard objects. Because the inner layer of the swimming goggles lens has an anti-fog film, scrubbing hard will destroy the anti-fog function. Even if you scratch the lens, you can also use anti-fogging agent for maintenance." Coach Zhao said. Whale swimming swimming goggles authorized online e-commerce amazon, ebay, wish, and AliExpress to customize their own brands; offline authorized wholesalers and large sellers customize their own brands; we are a brand designer, a factory manufacturer, and a large modernization of 40,000 square meters Factory, welcome to email direct consultation!

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