Americans love whale goggles most, making you the most handsome in the water

November 23, 2021

The brand of whale swimming goggles has products such as goggles, swimming caps, fins, etc. You may still lack a pair of whale swimming goggles.

Anyone who has been to the swimming pool knows that the water in the swimming pool generally contains a lot of disinfectants, some human skin debris and a lot of bacteria. Don’t tell me you can be like the little loli in the picture below. It’s easy to see clearly underwater, it’s very easy to cause eye allergies and congestion, and eye diseases will occur over time, so a good pair of swimming goggles is very necessary. Today, Ji Guojun will come and talk about swimming goggles. !

When choosing swimming goggles, you must pay attention to three points: the size of the swimming goggles, the type of swimming goggles, and the material and color of the swimming goggles lens.

The size of swimming goggles is not that the larger or smaller the eye size, the more suitable for you. The eye sockets of Asians are flatter than those of Europeans. Most people are more suitable for large-sized swimming goggles. They are more comfortable to wear and suitable for long-term swimming. Small-frame swimming goggles have better water resistance and look better. Handsome and professional, but the eyes are tighter, not suitable for long-term wear.

The headband of swimming goggles is generally divided into two types: hard rope and rubber headband. The waterproof performance of rubber headband is better, the size should be adjusted, and it fits the head better; the hard rope is slightly less controllable, but not There is a sensation of tightening the head.

Swimming goggles type, training glasses: the frames of this type of glasses are generally relatively small, they are tighter to wear, and have better anti-water performance. Wearing for a long time, the burden on the eye sockets is heavier, but they are more professional. If you usually use swimming as a fitness item , This type of swimming goggles is almost the first choice.

Open water mirror: This type of eye is generally a swimming goggles for swimmers in the sea or lake. It has a better view and is more comfortable to wear. Most of them come with anti-ultraviolet sunglasses. They are more expensive, but they can swim for a long time. , There will be no discomfort in the eyes, the disadvantage is that if it is used indoors, the vision will be darker.

Competition goggles: this type of goggles generally do not come with rubber gaskets, and use a flexible hard rope as a headband. The resistance reduction effect and water resistance are very good, but the comfort is almost non-existent. It is best not to wear it for too long. . If you are a hardcore swimmer who wants to challenge the limit and consider racing, this is definitely the best choice.

Diving goggles: If you feel that the open water scope is still uncomfortable, this guy is absolutely fine, but after wearing it, there is no way to perform professional underwater nose ventilation, as you want to be comfortable and highlight your personality, and take swimming as Entertainment friends can still use this.

Leisure mirror: Basically, it is an open water mirror with no anti-UV coating. It generally uses a relatively large frame and has a more fashionable appearance. It is the most common swimming goggles in China.

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