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Can I ski without ski goggles? The answer is no

November 12, 2021

1. Anti-fog: In the sub-zero environment, in order to maintain a clear vision, the anti-fog function of ski goggles needs to be good enough. Ski goggles can be used to test the anti-fog performance of breathing or hot steam.

2. Fit: The most important thing about ski goggles is to fit. It is recommended to buy the Asian version of the collapsed nose ski goggles, the European version and the North American version of the glasses. The nose pads are too high and the bridge of the nose is too short, which makes it easy to leak air. When you exhale, water vapor penetrates into the glasses through the gap in the bridge of the nose, and the glasses will fog. So fit is very important.

3. Lens device: The weather changes frequently in snowy days. Different lenses have different visual effects in different weather environments. We may carry multiple pairs of ski goggles with us. Therefore, whether the ski lenses can be replaced is also very important.

Maintenance method of ski goggles:

Ski goggles are sophisticated equipment and consumables. If you want to extend the service life, you must be careful not to touch the mirror with your hands.

Always keep the mirror clean and free of stains. Check the snow goggles before and after each use. If there is dust or stains, it is recommended to use professional camera lens cleaning paper and gently draw a circle around the stain to remove it.

Note: Do not put it together with sharp objects to avoid scratches.

Can I ski without ski goggles?

Answer: Yes! The premise is not afraid of causing snow blindness.

Wearing ski goggles is not only because it looks good, but also because it can prevent ultraviolet rays from burning your eyes.

In addition, when we are skiing at extreme speeds below zero, the biting cold wind comes oncoming, and the ski goggles can prevent the cold wind from damaging the eyes.

Whale ski goggles

Whale brand is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, manufacturing and sales. It mainly produces and sells outdoor sports products such as skiing, swimming and diving, and has obtained a number of patents and certifications.


Winter ski goggles

In the following bloody winter, ski goggles became the hottest style of the season, and whale ski goggles stood out with many advantages.


Lens: The lens is also a polycarbonate lens, which is an improved version. It is also called "space film" or "cosmic film" because it is used to explore space. Therefore, the resistance is very strong. The impact that can withstand when skiing goggles.


Anti-fog layer imported from Italy: The anti-fog performance of ski goggles is very important. During the lens production process, the Whale brand conducted multiple tests on different anti-fog lenses, and finally determined the anti-fog effect of the anti-fog lenses imported from Italy. The effect is the most stable, and the anti-fog effect is guaranteed.

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