Choose swimming goggles with power for myopia

November 27, 2021

Everyone knows that every person has a different face shape, so you still need to be very careful to choose your own swimming goggles for myopia. Whale swimming goggles brand authorization and customization, physical store wholesale contact us whale brand factory prices, we have been waiting for you! The degree is based on the principle of "lower than high". The refractive index of water is higher than that of air. Therefore, when choosing myopia goggles, the degree should be lower than the usual glasses. Myopia swimming goggles are basically every 50 degrees as a segmentation standard, and the formula can be used for reference when choosing [Myopia Goggles Degree = Myopia Degree + 0.5 × Astigmatism Degree-(50~100) Degrees]. For example, if Xiaoming has myopia of 350 degrees and astigmatism of 100 degrees, his shortsighted goggles have a degree of 300 to 350 degrees.

If the two eyes have different degrees of myopia, the eye with the lower degree of myopia shall prevail. For example: Xiaohua has 400 degrees of myopia in her left eye and 500 degrees in her right eye. There is no astigmatism, so 300~350 degrees of swimming goggles are more suitable for her.

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