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Competition goggles Best Whale Goggles Anti-Fog Goggles

November 13, 2021

Swimming goggles Whale goggles are best used outside, although they can handle pool swimming with ease. Triathletes need goggles that can go from the pool to the lake, because you don't want to wear untested goggles to compete. Whale goggles are very suitable for this transition.

Due to the large size of the lens, some people may find that the lines of the goggles after swimming are less prominent-perfect for when you have finished swimming and have to make a video call.

Whale goggles are designed with special consideration for visibility, whether in terms of a strong anti-fog coating or a hard coating added to the outside to prevent scratches when they are thrown into the swimming equipment bag. With the help of whale goggles technology, they can clearly see what is in front of you on the day of the game, which is top-notch.

The lenses are comparable. Don't automatically choose cheaper lenses: you may need to choose mirrored lenses, because these goggles are best used in open water, and mirrored lenses are better at coping with sun glare than clear lenses.

Lens: mirror or transparent

Anti-fog: Yes

Advantages: excellent visibility in open water

The purpose of whale goggles is to have a wider view underwater when swimming in a lake or ocean, rather than simply following the markings on the swimming pool floor when making laps.

Compared with other products on the market, there are fewer silicone washers that securely fix the lens on the face. Compared with smaller goggles, they leave fewer scary goggles markings.

With a wide shoulder strap, they stay in place better than many other options on the market-this is the key to a triathlete who rushes into the water with a large group of people and may be knocked down.



Goggles can be difficult to sell for young children because they can feel uncomfortable to hold them in place. Whale goggles are made of soft silicone and wide shoulder straps to maximize comfort while still providing a solid swimming experience.


The easy-to-adjust strap means that the goggles should grow as your child spends their first year in the pool or lake. After they grow up, they should be ready to become adults.

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