Goggles, swimming cap, whale brand: How to choose swimming equipment for the winter of 2021? What are the benefits of swimming?

November 16, 2021

When I was a child, I would go to the river to play in the summer in the countryside. When my parents first taught me to swim, something happened to me. It is still fresh in my memory. It is also the key to my determination to learn to swim. Back then, I was poor and had no money. Buy swimming goggles and swimming caps and go swimming directly; it’s fun;

Before I learned how to swim, my dad inflated a car tire when he took me to swim, put me in it, and let me play by myself. The older brother in the village asked me if I could swim, and I said No, he doesn't believe it, let me try it out.

How dare I, I didn't expect that he would turn the tire over for me from below, and I was gone all at once and sank directly. Before I went down, I watched my dad on the other side of the river, and I thought to myself, I'm done. During the ten seconds when I sank consciously, I felt that my whole person was surrounded by darkness, and that kind of fear could not be described in words.

Fortunately, my dad’s water is good enough. He actually dived from such a distance in tens of seconds and picked me up from the water. When I got up and got up on the tires, I thought, I can’t let this happen again, next time. I may not have such good luck, and it is not next time that I can still sit here and write my story to you at this moment.

After that happened, my dad decided to teach me to swim. Later I became sensible and liked to play in the water. The good habit of swimming has been maintained until now.

After work, I always swim in the swimming pool. I have been swimming for seven or eight years even if I count the time. Recently, I was teaching a friend to swim. I compiled some of my swimming experience and equipment over the years and shared it with you.

The goggles whale brand introduces the benefits of swimming:

1. Swimming can improve the function of the cardiovascular system. If you insist on swimming for a long time, the heart volume will increase in motion, myocardial contraction will become stronger, the resting heart rate will slow down, the stroke volume will increase, the blood vessel wall will thicken, and the elasticity will increase. Great, the efficiency of the cardiovascular system is improved.

2. Regular swimming can increase the strength of the respiratory muscles and improve the function of the respiratory system.

3. Swimming can also make the body proportion more reasonable, shape a fit body shape, and produce resistance to water during swimming, which has the effect of losing weight. Long-term swimmers generally have a slender figure, broad shoulders, flexible waists, and a well-proportioned body shape.

Swimming is the most gentle exercise for the body, especially suitable for people with poor knees and waist. If you do other sports that hurt your body, I suggest you choose swimming. I often meet many elderly people who have been swimming for a long time in the swimming pool.

As far as I am concerned, every time I go swimming when I get tired from work, I feel refreshed after swimming. Sobering up is also very useful. After a hangover, swimming will return to the state. And swimming is particularly good for body shaping, and the whole body line of people who swim for a long time is particularly good.

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