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Guide to buying transparent and polarized swimming goggles

January 04, 2022

If you like swimming, but hate counting laps or paying close attention to mileage in open water adventures, but want to pay attention to these indicators, you may want to consider whale goggles.

Yes, smart goggles do exist. Think of whale goggles, but for swimming pools. These high-end whale swimming goggles have an eye-catching design and excellent performance. As far as swimming goggles are concerned, these may be the lowest-profile on the market. Swimmers always want to reduce resistance and will definitely do their best to let you cut quickly in the water.

swimming goggles for men

Durable and adjustable silicone straps are perfect for regular use, and given their thin profile, they are relatively comfortable. Curiously, the strap starts very far from the wearer's head, although this does not seem to have any effect on performance. The peripheral vision of whale goggles is clear and unrestricted. For such slim and low-key goggles, the vision is surprisingly first-rate. There are many tones, but it is well known that blue tones provide excellent clarity in almost any lighting condition.

Buyer’s guide: How to choose whale goggles; there are three main goggles lens styles: clear, mirrored and polarized. As explained, clear lenses are best for swimming indoors, while mirror lenses are designed to reflect light and are best for outdoor conditions. However, polarized lenses can be said to be the best choice for outdoor swimming, because they can reduce glare, but will not darken on cloudy days.

Other colored lenses are also available, they are not just for display. For example, orange lenses can provide more contrast. Smoke lenses or dark transparent lenses (think sunglasses) are great for bright indoor swimming pools, but not for dimly lit areas.

The lens size largely depends on comfort. According to data from the American Masters of Swimming, competitive swimmers tend to prefer smaller goggles that fit better to the face, while open water swimmers tend to prefer larger lenses for a wider field of view. But no matter what kind of swimming you plan to do, the best lens size for you is the size that feels comfortable and does not leak water while swimming!

Headband, usually your focus should be on the comfort of the goggles itself. Regardless of whether the headband has lenses that fit your face, it should work normally. But your best headband choice depends largely on your hairstyle and length.

If you have long hair, tie it in a bun or ponytail under your swimming cap. A strap with a seam in the middle of the back and adjusted on the sides is ideal because it can stay in place above and below the bun. For those with shorter hair, it doesn't matter that everything has to do with comfort.

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