How to choose myopia goggles, whale goggles

November 29, 2021

People with myopia can also wear whale goggles, which will not affect

1. If you are pure myopia without astigmatism, the degree of myopia goggles is 50-100 degrees lower than the degree of myopia. Simply put, the glasses you wear every day are 500 degrees, and you can choose 400-450 for myopia goggles!

2. If you are nearsighted + astigmatism, the degree of myopia goggles = the degree of myopia + half of the degree of astigmatism-(50-100 degrees)! Myopia goggles with 500 degrees of myopia, 100 astigmatism, and 500 or 450 degrees of myopia goggles!

3. If your eyes have different degrees of myopia, choose the degree of myopia goggles according to the lower degree of the glasses. Of course, there are some brands on the market that can be customized according to the different degrees of the eyes, and the price will be a little more expensive!

Swimming goggles ODM

Recommended by the brand of swimming goggles. Real big-frame glasses are especially suitable for beginners. They won’t hold back the glasses. They are more comfortable to wear and have relatively good anti-fogging properties. I saw from the comments, I bought it and tried it, the launching effect is really good, and the field of view is very wide and very comfortable!

Share swimming steps with everyone;

1. First stand in shallow water and repeatedly practice upper limb and head movements (along with breathing);

2. Open your mouth and breathe in—open your mouth as wide as possible, put the big breath that you inhaled quickly in your mouth, treat your mouth as a "transit station", and then inhale.

Exhale through the nose—that is, use your nose to breathe bubbles under water. Nose exhalation can effectively block the water from entering the nose, and you can inhale as soon as you raise your head, which shortens the time for raising your head to breathe, which is more efficient and helps speed up swimming.

3. If you coordinate the movements of head down, head up, exhalation and exhalation, you will be able to breathe.

Summarized in two sentences: "Kick your legs and lower your nose to exhale, and your rower raises your head and open your mouth to inhale; kick your legs fast and forcefully, and close your legs slowly and easily." Whale swimming goggles are a good choice for you, suitable for North American and Europeans. The swimming goggles used are professional swimming goggles for women and men, available in various styles and colors; contact us now, with a unique design of personalized swimming goggles, which will make you the most dazzling person in the open waters.

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