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How to choose whale goggles?

December 23, 2021

When swimming, the water always seeps into the whale goggles and enters the eyes, which is very annoying. This happens even if I just bought the whale goggles for the first time, which is really annoying. How to choose the whale goggles that suits you, or which brand is easy to use, I ask you to recommend it.

1. The whale goggles you buy are not suitable. Everyone has different eye socket bones. What is suitable for others may not be suitable for you.

2. Whale goggles straps are not tightened tight enough, too tight will cause crease marks, too loose the frame will move, it is normal for water to enter!

3. The wearing method of whale goggles is wrong, we should wear and remove whale goggles according to it!

Goggles customization

The frame of whale goggles matches the shape of the face to have suction power. Before wearing whale goggles, we have a few tips: After adjusting the elasticity of whale goggles, you should first tighten the entire face and open your eyes. After a good whale goggles, it is returning to normal. It is necessary to squeeze out the air in the whale goggles to ensure that the whale goggles are attached to the eye sockets! Of course, if you guarantee that you have not done the above points, and the whale goggles are still in the water, did you buy a three-no product or a bargain? How do you say that you get what you pay for big brands, they are not cheap and there are so many sales, which shows that their products are quite worth it! Let us talk about how to choose the whale goggles that suits you?

1. Airtightness: The most important purpose for us to wear whale goggles is to prevent water from entering, so airtightness is what we need to pay most attention to!

2. Comfort: In order to swim more comfortably, let's choose large-frame whale goggles. The small-frame ones are too tight on the eye sockets, and the uncomfortable affects your swimming mood! As for the anti-fogging properties of whale goggles, it is a major feature of whale goggles. Basically, they will fog after a period of time after entering the water. Whale goggles that will not fog after entering the water should not exist! If the subject does not know what brand to buy, let me recommend a few. If the budget is sufficient, buy a better one. Whale goggles can be selected as whale goggles. There are two major brands of whale goggles in the world. The products are very meticulous in workmanship and compare in materials. Value, although the price is not cheap, it is worth it for swimming comfort! Whale Goggles authorizes online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress to customize its own brand; offline authorized wholesalers and big sellers customize its own brand; we are a brand designer, factory manufacturer, and a large modern factory of 40,000 square meters , Welcome to email direct consultation!

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