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How to prevent water leakage in swimming goggles

December 06, 2021

Whale swimming goggles tell you the common sense of how to prevent water leakage in swimming goggles;

1. For newly purchased swimming goggles:

1. Just adjust the distance between the nose pads, do not put the waterproof rubber ring of the swimming goggles on 1/2 of the bridge of the nose, so that water can easily enter the inside of the eyes.

2. When wearing the swimming goggles, do not press on the eyebrows (or on the 1,2 eyebrows), it is easy to get water here.

Whale swimming goggles manufacturer

2. For swimming goggles that have been used for a period of time:

1. When wearing swimming goggles, try to fully open the waterproof ring of the swimming goggles, and do not crimp the waterproof ring of the swimming goggles.

2. When there has been slight water ingress, the buckle groove of the waterproof ring of the swimming goggles should be opened to clean the siltation and dirt in the buckle groove.

3. After doing the above two points, if there is slight water ingress, you should lick the waterproof ring around the swimming goggles with your tongue before entering the water, because the saliva has a certain consistency, which can prevent slight water ingress. .

All the above methods are exhausted, and the water still enters, then the swimming goggles should be replaced. Outdoor sports whale brand and Bines brand swimming goggles authorized Shenzhen Pengyifa manufacturer to specialize in swimming goggles, diving goggles, ski goggles, goggles, diving masks, diving webs, swimming cap products, support OEM, ODM for customers to customize arbitrarily Exclusive brand logo;

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