How to solve the fogging of Peng Yifa swimming goggles

November 08, 2021

Goggles are indispensable equipment for swimming. The biggest trouble with using goggles is that it is easy to fog. Fogging will block your sight. It will be reappeared immediately after rubbing, which is very annoying. So how to solve the fogging of swimming goggles? We might as well teach you how to solve the fogging of swimming goggles;

The new swimming goggles don’t fog, and the newly bought goggles don’t need to be disposed of. The lenses of the new swimming goggles are all made anti-fog, as long as you don't need to wipe the lenses, you can use it several times without fogging. If you always grab the lens and destroy the anti-fog layer, you will easily get fogged next time you swim.

Wash with water. Don’t wipe it with your hands when you encounter fog in the swimming pool. If you wipe it, you can’t wipe it clean. At this time, you can use a trick to cut corners. Put the swimming goggles in the swimming pool to clean. The only disadvantage of this method is that it is easy to fog again.

Spray anti-fogging agent. If you have a car at home, you can try to spray the anti-fogging agent used on the car glass on the swimming goggles. The effect is the same as that of the newly purchased swimming goggles. The anti-fogging effect is based on the anti-fogging agent. , It can be maintained at least 3-4 times without fogging.

Other anti-fogging measures are related to the absence of anti-fogging agents. Many things in life such as detergents, hand sanitizers, and even shampoo and bathing bubble water can be wiped on the glass of swimming goggles. The anti-fogging effect is also very good.

Egg white is anti-fogging. The last method is to use egg white. Apply the egg white to the swimming goggles, which can not only play a role in cleaning, but also prevent fog. If you like, you can try it. If you apply liquid on the swimming goggles, you can't wash it after you are in the water. If you wash it, it means you have no protection, and it will still be foggy.

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