How to use silicone swimming cap

November 08, 2021

Wearing a swimming cap when swimming is a basic equipment and a basic courtesy. Wearing a swimming cap is used to prevent ear shock and protect the head, prevent the hair from being completely immersed in chlorinated water, which can effectively protect the hair and reduce the pool water to the hair. In order to prevent hair damage, it can reduce resistance and make swimming faster.


How to use silicone swimming cap

(1) First: If hair is soaked in swimming pool water containing disinfectant for a long time, the delicate scalp is easily affected, the dyed hair is easier to fade, normal black hair is easy to turn yellow, and sometimes abnormal hair loss may occur. Therefore, a silicone swimming cap that can separate the pool water from the scalp is necessary. The general protection effect on the scalp is relatively poor.

(2) Second: After shampooing, if you have the habit of using conditioner or simmering hair, you can form a protective film between your hair and the pool water, plus a silicone swimming cap, that is a double layer of protection.

(3) Third: Wet your hair before entering the water and then wear a hat. The hair is easier to gather in the hat, and it can also increase the friction with the hat.

(4) Fourth: The good-quality silicone swimming cap has better water resistance and may be worn tightly, while the poor-quality silicone swimming cap is easier to permeate although it is loosely worn. In fact, if you just wet your hair with the water in the shower, it will not damage your scalp, so don't worry. In addition, clean water can also dilute the pool water, so it is recommended to wet your hair and wear a hat before entering the water.

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