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How to wear a swimming cap

November 08, 2021

There are two types of swimming caps, one is cloth and the other is silicone. The cloth is almost the same everywhere, and the silicone one should wear the pattern on both sides;

Seeing your habit of pressing your ears is mainly to do everything possible to reduce resistance and maintain a streamlined shape, but we usually focus on comfort.

The benefits of swimming caps:

1. From a safe point of view, long hair is easy to knot in the water, which may entangle oneself or others' hands and feet, or the two hairs may become tangled with each other, causing underwater accidents;

2. During the maintenance of the swimming pool, the hair loss of the long-haired person often blocks the sewer pipe, which is extremely difficult to clean, and it is easy to breed bacteria;

3. During the competition, the swimming cap is used to distinguish between opponents and calling for help. If drowning, the swimming cap can be put down, and the lifeguard can determine the position of the drowning person according to the floating swimming cap on the water;

4 Reduce water resistance;

5 Prevent fading of hair dye products;

6 Protect hair quality;

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