I have received the best gift whale goggles products

November 23, 2021

The latest product is not yet on the market. The customer gave him. The most important thing is that the ID design of this swimming goggles won the red dot award from the authority of industrial design.

Here are the three most authoritative industrial design awards in the world. If Reddot (Red Dot Award), iF (Industrial Forum Product Design Award) and Awards (Industrial Design Excellence Award) win one of these three awards, basically the actor will be as good as the actress after winning the Oscar. That's kind of interesting.

In fact, I have had the habit of going swimming in the summer in the past few years, but there is nothing special about these swimsuits, swimming caps and goggles. So they are all ordinary, under the ignorant subconscious, I think maybe they are almost the same. But when I seriously look at good ID design and casual ID design with a professional perspective, the gap is not generally large. I want to think about the problem from a more product manager's latitude, a good product, why is it good, I need to know the answer.

Open the box, it is a very beautiful high-strength plastic box. The color of the actual product is more vivid than the one on the package. To be honest, from the workmanship of this packaging box, I deeply feel the intention of this product.

I graduated from industrial design, so I am particularly interested in this kind of modeling things, and I also like to analyze. In order to understand why this product can get the Red Dot Award, in addition to my own analysis and research, I also consulted a master industrial designer, because I can interpret the modeling and visual aspects, but from the structure and materials On the one hand, I hope to get expert guidance. Because he is also a designer who loves to swim, I said that I have an extremely awesome swimming goggles that I can't buy. I took it to his house and took a look at it. The other party accepted it with pleasure.

An expert is an expert. He got it and watched it for a few minutes and tried it on, then he knew why he could get the red dot award. But it’s too technical terminology, I have finished digesting it and share it with you. Especially students who like to swim will surely resonate.

The first pain point is that the eye sockets are sore or even itchy.

I believe that many people who have used ordinary swimming goggles feel this question. Because most of the swimming goggles on the market are made of ordinary plastics.

There are several unavoidable disadvantages:

Some people are allergic to plastics, and wearing them for a long time can cause skin redness.

Plastic is relatively hard. If it is not worn tightly, water will leak (intake). If it is worn too tightly, it will squeeze the eye sockets very much and will damage the eye sockets to a certain extent.

And this award-winning swimming goggles solves the material problem by increasing the cost, because the more expensive silica gel is used, and the two advantages of silica gel completely solve these two problems.

Silica gel does not cause allergies to the skin.

Silicone is very soft and can stick to the skin with almost no pressure.

The second pain point is fogging.

Basically, every ten minutes of swimming, I have to take off my goggles and wipe them off, because the fogging affects my vision and makes me very annoyed.

I don’t know if you have ever played diving or snorkeling.

Every time I go to the island, I will go diving, whether it is Thailand, the Philippines, or the United States. And every time the staff gave us the snorkeling glasses, they would apply a cleaning agent, which has a certain anti-fogging effect.

This award-winning swimming goggles solves this problem through technological innovation and obtains a super anti-fog function, which is said to be at least twice as powerful as ordinary swimming goggles.

After talking about the material and technical aspects, I would like to talk about the ID design creative part that I think is the largest in the entire swimming goggles.

It is the structural innovation of the frame and fixing tape.

Usually a very good design is produced, and we think the old design is incredible and unreasonable.

Such anti-human design has existed for many years.

However, after Apple's charging port with no distinction between the front and the back appeared, after a few years, it has also become a TYPE C port, regardless of the front and the back.

Such an obvious anti-human design has been ignored for many years.

And on the traditional swimming goggles.

Tell me if it hurts or not? Does it hurt? Does it hurt?

Yes, in this position, it really hurts after wearing it for a long time, and it seems that everyone feels that there is nothing wrong. All swimming goggles are designed in this way. How can it be possible that learning to swim does not have to bear the pain at all?

I thought this way before, but after seeing the structure of this swimming goggles, the first reaction in my heart was that no one was going to deal with a problem that can be solved so easily.

Yes, extend a part, so that the temple will not be pressed by this connecting part.

Zhou Xingchi's God of Cookery sounded in his ears: "It's stupid to mix together and make sirloin beef balls!"

Of course, I think the principle is so simple to understand, but before no one designs it, it is a huge problem.

This may also be the reason why the packaging box should place this structure at the golden section of the box, tusk tusk.

At the end of the article, I want to say something.

When we define a product, we should solve the real pain points of users more than simply to please users from the visual level and attract an order. In fact, we should drive away a potential loyal user.

Because how do you treat users, how do users treat you.

After watching such awesome swimming goggles and such awesome analysis, I deeply feel it. It is good to have more friends, and there are often gifts to receive. Image] [image

Finally, the friend who gave me the goggles said this awesome whale goggles.

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