Large-scale factory goggles customization: good goggles and general goggles have a price difference

November 24, 2021

Bringing a brand of whale goggles to swim is different. It’s not like shopping with friends or buying goggles online or offline physical stores. Some goggles cost only a dozen yuan, while some goggles cost hundreds of yuan.

Take the 100-yuan goggles with the largest sales volume as an example. What is the difference between these goggles and low-priced goggles? With this question, let us take a look!

The coating and anti-fog performance of swimming goggles are important factors that determine product quality. Good swimming goggles have both high-quality coating technology and long-lasting anti-fog performance.

The coating technology uses multi-layer film electroplating to make the underwater vision clearer; there is also a nano-hydrophilic anti-fog oily coating that can change the surface tension of the water and form a uniform protective film, which can last for a long time with anti-fog performance.

Whether a swimming goggles is good or not depends on its comfort and tightness. These two properties are determined by the shape and quality of the rubber pad.

In addition to a good silicone material, the rubber ring of a reliable swimming goggles. It also needs to match the shape and angle of the mirror surface, especially the elasticity of the rubber ring can be adaptively compensated according to the changes in the force during swimming.

The price difference between low-priced goggles and normal goggles on the market is very large, but also in the selection of raw materials. Under normal circumstances, the raw materials of a pair of swimming goggles are mainly divided into two types. The mirror surface is made of polycarbonate, which is commonly known as plexiglass; the rubber pad and mirror strap are made of silica gel.

Since the cost per ton of different quality raw materials can vary by tens of thousands of yuan, such as polycarbonate used for mirrors, the higher the purity of the raw materials, the more expensive the price. The same applies to silica gel.

For high-quality swimming goggles, manufacturers will strictly control the raw materials and choose some imported materials. For example, if they use materials provided by Bayer, Germany, the safety is guaranteed, the quality of the goggles will be better, and the probability of problems is relatively Reduce.

As the saying goes, details determine success or failure. The same low-priced goggles and good goggles have a big difference in details and craftsmanship.

Take the silica gel required for the production of swimming goggles as an example. According to the same standards used in the industry, silica gel uses 10-100 numbers to indicate its hardness at room temperature. The hardness of silica gel is between 40-50, and it is the most comfortable to wear, which requires higher production process and cost.

Through the above comparison, I believe everyone already knows what characteristics a good swimming goggles need to have. However, there are so many kinds of goggles on the market, and if you compare them one by one, it is a troublesome thing, so the editor specially brings you a high-definition anti-fog and waterproof swimming goggles with excellent quality and performance.

There is also a convenient adjustable headband buckle design, which can not only satisfy more people, but also avoid nail killers, making it feel better to use.

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