Learn to swim, please buy a suitable whale goggles for your baby

December 02, 2021

Summer is here, parents sign up for the baby to learn swimming in the summer, the editor coach here wants to explain a few more words, and at the same time transfer this content to his father and mother, it should be helpful:

1. Children who sign up to learn to swim, dads and mothers, don’t be too casual to buy swimming goggles for your babies. Some swimming goggles on the market can only be said to be toys, not goggles, especially some cartoon swimming goggles. Mirrors are useless and can't guard against water! Carelessness can cause harm. These swimming goggles can’t be brought down by the children for a single lesson. After just wearing them for a while, they are degummed and leaking. They can only often ask the coach for repairs, which is a waste of everyone’s time.

2. Choosing a good pair of swimming goggles can effectively block the water's irritation to the eyes.

Swimming goggles manufacturers

1. A good pair of swimming goggles is by no means limited to not leaking water. Choose swimming goggles to consider: The design of comfortable swimming goggles should follow the principles of ergonomics, and truly conform to the anatomical structure of the human face, head and eyes.

2. The proper fit performance of the goggles itself is very important, and the proper performance of the goggles is mainly determined by whether the frame and goggles fit closely with the eye sockets; whether the length of the nose bridge is appropriate; and the elasticity and quality of the straps.

3. Anti-fog performance. Generally, the inner layer of swimming goggles has an anti-fog film. When swimming, the water around the swimming goggles is generally cool, and the air in the swimming goggles tends to condense into water on the inner wall of the swimming goggles, causing fog. Good swimming goggles have high-tech "fog-eating" technology and have strong hydrophilicity, which can absorb water vapor to form a water film, so that water vapor cannot adhere to the lens to form mist. In general, if there is a phenomenon of fogging and water entering the water mirror, do not often take it off and touch it with your hands. The more you touch it, the more fogging, which will greatly shorten the life of the water mirror. There is fogging. Just take it down, soak it in water and shake it dry.

In the process of selecting swimming goggles, we should first check whether the lens is cracked and whether the elastic band at the back is elastic; secondly, check the tightness. You might as well put it on to see if there is a suction sticking to the eyes. Goggles, don’t need to buckle the elastic band on the eyes, the swimming goggles will be directly attached to the eyes.

3. Wearing goggles, the eyes should not be convex. If there is, the goggles are too tight and cause pressure on the eyes. Check whether the frame and eye mask are tightly adhered to the eye sockets.

Fourth, after buying a good goggles, we must know the correct use and maintenance methods, so as to prolong the life of the goggles. When using swimming goggles, wash them with water to improve the anti-fog effect. Be careful not to wipe the inside of the lens with your hands or any objects, so as not to damage the clear effect of the lens; secondly, adjust the length of the lens band appropriately, and put the lens band as loose as possible to prevent it from falling off or leaking; do not remove the swimming goggles. Pull directly from the front to remove it to prevent the goggles from rebounding and hurting your eyes. The lens should not face down when placed. It should be noted that since the part of the swimming goggles in contact with the baby’s eyes is a closed space, after use, the swimming goggles need to be rinsed with clean water and air-dried naturally, and placed in the mirror box for storage in a dark place. Do not place your swimming goggles in a high-temperature environment. Whale goggles are authorized by online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress to customize their own brands; offline authorized wholesalers and large sellers are customized by their own brands;

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