Master the skills to go to the swimming pool twice to learn to swim, whale goggles

November 30, 2021

Everyone knows that swimming is a very interesting sport. After winter, summer will arrive immediately. The most comfortable exercise is swimming! Cool down and lose weight!

The resistance that people receive when exercising in the water is 12 times that of exercising in the air, which means that if you swim in the water for 20 minutes, the effect is equivalent to running on the road for 60 minutes, and you can burn nearly 100 calories in about 10 minutes. Long-term swimming exercise can increase the thickness and toughness of the blood vessel wall, improve the efficiency of blood transfusion, and benefit the health of the cardiopulmonary function, and can avoid joint damage during normal exercise. In addition, the correct swimming technique requires the muscles to be stretched before the contraction is exerted. , This type of exercise is conducive to continuously improving flexibility and strength.

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There are many benefits of swimming, but in fact, many friends who live in seaside cities have not been able to learn to swim. In fact, learning swimming with zero foundation is not a difficult task. Here, we will use a combination of graphics and text to guide you to this skill quickly. , I learned to teach my girlfriend;

In the introductory chapter, how to breathe, the most basic skill in swimming is to breathe, but many students have learned it for a long time that it is easy to choke. Here we use the most basic breaststroke example of how to breathe.

Essentials: When retracting the legs, press the water with both hands under the sides of the body (please imagine a carp jumping through the dragon gate). At the same time, use the buoyancy obtained by pressing the water with both hands to raise your head and open your mouth to inhale. Take one breath and one breath, repeat the cycle.


1. First stand in shallow water and repeatedly practice upper limb and head movements (along with breathing);

2. Open your mouth and breathe in—open your mouth as wide as possible, put the big breath that you inhaled quickly in your mouth, treat your mouth as a "transit station", and then inhale.

Exhale through the nose—that is, use your nose to spit bubbles under water. Nose exhalation can effectively block the water from entering the nose, and you can inhale as soon as you raise your head, which shortens the time for raising your head to breathe, which is more efficient and helps speed up swimming.

3. If you coordinate the movements of head down, head up, exhalation and exhalation, you will be able to breathe.

Breaststroke: stroke your legs first, then lift your head slightly to the water, then stroke your hands, your head will come to the surface, breathe in your mouth, and dive again. Master the rhythm step by step.

The movement of the hands is very simple, which can be described as "drawing a heart". The hands are folded forward and then retracted to the chest. It is very simple, isn't it? It can also be used as a warm-up activity before launching!

Note: At this time, your arm and body are in the same direction, so as to help you push the water forward.

Leg movements can be broken down into four inseparable stages of action: retracting the legs, turning the feet, kicking the water, and clamping. The difficulty lies in turning the feet: while the thighs are rotated internally to press the knees inward, the calves are turned outwards and the toes are also facing both sides. Eversion so that the inside of the sole of the foot is facing the direction of the kick.

Flip feet: refer to the outer eight positions

The movement of the legs may make you uncomfortable or small cramps at first, but it won't take long to master it!

Coordination: After learning the basic movements, the overall coordination will test the proficiency and the coordination of the body. At this time, we can hold our breath for a short period of time (5-10 seconds) under water to practice the combination of hands and feet. This process may be boring. , But the process allows you to focus on the feedback your body gives you and keep improving.

It will take you about 40 minutes to practice in the swimming pool for the first time. Don't be anxious, practice more in the shallow water area of the swimming pool. Whale goggles support authorized ODM/OEM customization services, custom goggles exclusive brand, overseas e-commerce selection, overseas physical store wholesale;

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