Why You Should Wear Ski Goggles


              Why You Should Wear Ski Goggles

There are so many important reasons why you should wear ski goggles.Here are the reasons why everyone here at Trespass keeps their ski goggles firmly in place when on the slopes:

1. Ski goggles protect your eyes and face from harmful UV light.

2. The tinted lenses featured on ski goggles will help you to see properly in very sunny conditions, which are commonplace on the slopes.

3. Ski goggles also act as a barrier against harsh wind and snow.

4. Compared to sunglasses, ski goggles can be personalised and fitted, remaining securely in place as you head down the slopes.

5. Goggles will also keep your eyes clear of debris which can be found on the slopes, such as ice, twigs and small stones.

6. The foam padding on ski goggles provides extra comfort and helps to seal out the cold winds.

7. Double lens ski goggles help to prevent fogging and condensation when you are on the move.

8. Ski goggles are specially made with flexible and lightweight frames, which are comfortable for the slopes.


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