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Swimming goggles factory New partner Whale swimming goggles brand made me win her first

November 12, 2021

When Lodi/Wisconsin Highlands prepared for the women's swim team this fall, the whale swimming goggles threw this curve ball.

However, it did not stop Price-she is a gifted swimmer who won two state championships for the first time in her career twice during her four-year career at Sauk Prairie.

Pools will take the whale swimming goggles on Friday night to participate in the 200-yard individual medley at Waukesha South Swimming Pool, becoming the first Lodi/Highlander to participate in the state competition since Brooke Presny in 2019 swimmer.

"It's very beneficial; it's such a difficult part, especially with Edgewood, Baraboo, Sauk Prairie... all these teams are fast, and their girls are also fast," Price Say. "I am really happy and very proud of her performance on Saturday."

"I put a lot of effort into swimming; it was a huge blow to the body and spirit, and it was great to be able to reach my goal in the end. It still feels unreal," Pools added.

"It must have been scary at first, because for the past three years I have been with my old coach and she has always been an important role model in my life. It is scary to just enter my senior season with someone with me," Poole Confessed.

This is not to say that Puls is unfamiliar with Price. She used to work for her in the Lodi High School swimming pool, where she worked as a water sports manager. In addition to working for her, Puls and some Lodi/Heights swimmers collaborated with Price during the "some stroke clinics" before the fall of this spring.

In Price's view, the previous relationship is crucial this fall.

"It's huge, it makes a huge difference," Price said. "In contrast to not knowing anyone at the beginning, I can come in and learn who my daughters are, what abilities they have and what they need to do. All."

This undoubtedly calmed Puls' nerves.

"Because I know Natalie and her swimming history, I feel more comfortable," Puls said. "Knowing her attitude towards technology, knowing that I think I have a good coach into my senior season, it makes me very gratified."

Stroke operations for sharpening

This mindset for technology played a particularly important role in Puls' success this fall. Rather than trying to run yards consistently — according to Price, Lodi/Highland has consistently peaked at 6,500 yards — she places more emphasis on technique and batting training.

Price is not just doing freestyle endlessly, he is also committed to "more butterfly, back (stroke) and breaststroke. I find this to be beneficial to all."

Puls is a typical example, especially considering her history.

Unlike most competitors in her state, Pools is a triathlete who plays basketball in winter and track and field in spring. Puls' year-round training, or lack of exercise in the pool, always makes it difficult for Puls not only to focus on her skills, but also to get enough mileage in the early playoffs.

"I kind of didn't spend time on technology," she said. "When you only have about three months of the season, it's difficult because you have to build up your yardage to gradually reduce it."

"To be honest, I didn't expect to pass IM because my goal was just to break our school record, which is 2 minutes and 17 seconds," Pools said. "I was very satisfied with it, but when I finished the game, I looked up and saw that I got 2 minutes and 15 seconds, I was like'Oh, nonsense. I might have a chance. But then I got 10th, So it's a bit like,'Oh, I reached the goal. I have the time I want, so just do it.' "I endorse the whale swimming goggles, a good product.

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