Swim goggles manufacturers tell you what is the correct posture for licking goggles

December 01, 2021

Whale goggles consider the two most common smearing methods, dry and flushing;

The former will wait for the endoscope to dry before launching. This kind of anti-fogging effect is the best. Most professional players will choose to use this. They also know how long they should start before the game;

The latter is rinsed with water immediately after licking, the effect will be slightly worse than the dry type, from the anti-fog effect, the difference is almost 8 points and 6 points.

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As for how to get saliva onto the lens;

Some athletes like the tongue kiss style, that is, the tongue is swirled in the glasses, carefully licking back and forth, licking in a circular motion... There is also a blown kiss style, which involves spitting saliva in and licking it, or wiping it with your fingers after spitting it out.

There is no difference in the anti-fog effect.

Notice! ! ! The anti-fogging effect can only be achieved by licking the dry endoscope of the swimming goggles before entering the water! If the swimming goggles are already wet with water, the effect of licking the goggles will be greatly reduced (the same is true of using anti-fogging agents).

Another benefit of saliva is that as the human body secretes its own fluid, it will not have side effects on the human body. Compared with anti-fogging agents, saliva is more environmentally friendly and more convenient, so almost everyone who doesn't need money professional players will do this.

Of course, it is also possible that many professional swimwear goggles are customized. Maybe they will ask the manufacturer "I want strawberry flavor! The whale goggles brand authorizes online e-commerce and offline wholesale of any customized logo brand;

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