Swim goggles whale brand teaches you how to choose swimming goggles and swimming caps

November 16, 2021

Let me talk about the material of the swimming cap first? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Nowadays, the common swimming cap materials are silicone and cloth, and there are two kinds of silicone;

1. Flat silicone style: the same material inside and outside.

Advantages: completely waterproof, open after swimming, 95% of the hair is dry, and the edges will be a little wet.

Disadvantages: relatively tight, a little squeezed, hard to wear, easy to pull hair off. Silicone material is easy to stick to ash.

2. Bubble silicon style: outer layer of silica gel, inner layer of silica gel with texture, frosted silica gel texture.

Advantages: The outer layer is completely waterproof, and the inner layer is textured. It looks much better than all silicone, and it is easier to wear!

Disadvantages: moderate tightness, no hair pulling, overall better than flat silicone.

Warn swimmers: fabrics are not recommended. They have no other effect except to prevent hair from falling into the water. They are sold as disposable swimming props in the swimming pool and can be used only once. In other cases, spend dozens of dollars more for swimming. Don’t use fabric if you buy silicone in the museum.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, the outdoor swimming pool is basically closed slowly. Choose the quick-drying swimming cap as much as possible. It is recommended that the bubble silicone type is the first choice. If the budget is limited, you can choose the flat silicone type. Here are some good swimming caps that I have used

Whale brand outdoor sports swimming equipment;

You can choose a variety of styles and colors, big brands, and good reputation. When I first went to the swimming pool, I used this brand of swimming cap. Friends who want to swim must buy the equipment in advance.

You are welcome to choose and buy your favorite swimming goggles and swimming caps.

The whale brand of swimming goggles tells you that there are two common ones: split goggles and large-frame goggles;

The advantages of split swimming goggles are that they have good sealing performance, and there will be basically no water ingress after wearing them; the rubber frames of the glasses are relatively thick, and they are more comfortable to wear. The resistance in the water is also very small, and the overall is more professional , I also wear split goggles now.

Careful people can find out by watching swimming competitions that athletes basically wear split goggles.

The big-frame swimming goggles are easy to fall off, and sometimes they will open. It is commonplace to get more water in the action. I bought it once, and I used split goggles in the back.

It is recommended to choose split small-frame swimming goggles for a more stable fit. There are also two small details, choose the swimming goggles with adjustable nose bridge, so you can choose the comfortable swimming goggles according to the width of your nose bridge, which can greatly improve the comfort; It can be well adjusted to be symmetrical when tightening.

Swimming enthusiasts or novices can choose ordinary goggles. Here are some cheap goggles that I have used.

Knowledge points of swimming goggles and whale brand analysis:

When using swimming goggles, you need to pay attention to the fact that there will be a layer of anti-fog film inside the glasses. Do not rub it with your hands. Rubbing and rubbing will destroy the anti-fog layer.

Always pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. Do not use strong water to rinse the inside or expose to the sun. Usually soak in clean water for a while and then gently rinse, dry in a cool and ventilated place; apply anti-fogging agent before swimming, 10-15 before entering the water Just wipe it on the inside of the goggles every minute.

In addition, it’s best not to wear contact lenses and goggles to swim. You cannot guarantee that the goggles will not enter the water at all. It is possible that the swimming goggles will enter the water because of the wrong or other reasons. The water in the swimming pool is not as clean and invisible as you see. Glasses can easily absorb bacteria in the water and fall off easily.

Coated swimming goggles are suitable for outdoor use. Most of the outdoor swimming pools are now closed. This may be used less, so I don’t need to introduce more. I will put a link here, and those who need it will pick it up.

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