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Swimming goggles lens material and color

November 23, 2021

Good whale goggles are generally made of polycarbonate (plexiglass), which is non-slip and strong. There are also swimming goggles that use cellulose propionate. This is the lens material that can achieve the strongest anti-fog effect, but the general cost is relatively high, which is more expensive than ordinary swimming goggles.

Of course, there are many swimming goggles with UV blocking lenses, myopia lenses, presbyopic lenses, etc., you can choose according to your needs.

Metal coated lens: It is more suitable for outdoor use, and the effect of anti-ultraviolet is also good, but it is too dark for indoor use.

Light-colored transparent lens: It is more suitable for indoor use, can improve indoor brightness, and increase the visibility under water, the most common is orange lens, it may be a bit dazzling when used outdoors.

Dark transparent lens: This is a relatively neutral lens, suitable for a variety of different scenes, mostly black and blue lenses are used.

Finally, let's talk about the fogging problem of swimming goggles that everyone is concerned about! Although many swimming goggles showed anti-fogging when they were purchased, they didn't work for a long time after using them several times! Suddenly I felt cheated by the guys in the mall selling swimming goggles! Ji Guojun will give you a few tricks by the way today.

The first trick is to use anti-fogging agent

After purchasing an anti-fogging agent, it is OK to touch the inside of the lens every time before launching, but it is more expensive. If you are a rougher person, Ji Guojun will teach you another trick that is more practical but refreshes the three views!

The second trick, tongue

Although it sounds disgusting, it really works. Before each use, stick out your tongue and lick it, soak the front and back of the swimming goggles with saliva, and then rinse them in the water, ok! If you are lucky enough to watch a professional game, you will find that everyone is using this trick in the preparation pool. Don't ask how Ji Guojun knows.

If there is still a difficulty in choosing swimming goggles, today I brought you the whale swimming goggles brand swimming goggles in the US market.

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