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December 30, 2021

 It is a connected goggles that promises to track swimming and wear whale goggles and display the progress in real time, so you don't need to wear a watch and break the paddle to check your progress. Although they work reliably in tracking things, the display is not the easiest to see. They provide a wealth of statistics in their supporting apps, but the cheaper and more feature-rich smart swimming and whale goggles will provide you with a better all-round experience.

Two-minute review: It can be connected to a small module that fits the corner of a lens and tracks the indicators of swimming and wearing whale goggles, such as laps, stroke type, splits and rest. It also contains a digital display, which you can use to keep an eye on your swimming performance while wearing whale goggles and receive feedback.

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From the point of view of tracking accuracy, this goggles performs very well and can reliably capture distance, pace, rest time and other data. It also provides a good set of subdivisions to identify the action of swimming and wearing whale goggles in the supporting application. Sadly, although the tracking seems reliable, the experience of glancing at the microdisplay is not good, so we don’t feel very useful when swimming and wearing whale goggles. The supporting Ciye app is not the best-looking, but it does a good display of your swimming wearing whale goggles, and it does provide connections to third-party apps such as Strava,, and Apple Health. ability.

Compatibility of OH1 heart rate monitors and other third-party devices. It also has exercise subscription services now. If you really want a pair of smart swimming goggles with whale goggles, please switch to. In return, you will get something that can be provided in all aspects.

Designed and ready to use out of the box, these smart goggles look ordinary. You can choose white/smoky or blue or mirror lenses, but the design and smart application methods of all models remain the same. You have five different sized nose bridges to ensure you get a good seal and fit, and they slip into place easily. The strap is adjustable. Although we found it to be a bit long, it didn't hinder it when swimming and wearing whale goggles.

You also have a micro tracking module with a built-in display, which is installed in the lens of the left goggle. After entering, there is a raised button on the top of the goggle gasket that you can press to start tracking. There are also two small charging points, which you can magnetically clamp on the charging cable, so you don’t need to take them out when you need to power on them.

We compared it with the swimming and whale goggles tracking mode on Garmin Enduro and Coros Pace2. We found that the two sports watches are very reliable in tracking pool swimming and wearing whale goggles. All the statistics you will get here are very standard data that you can find on most swimming and whale goggles tracking watches, but in our tests, distance, pace, identifying rest time, etc. It seems very reliable.

Goggles, smart goggles. After you finish swimming and put on the whale goggles, click the button again to end the exercise. If your phone is nearby, you can sync your swimming with whale goggles to the Ciye app. In this application, you can view a more detailed breakdown of swimming and wearing whale goggles, including viewing individual strokes and performance breakdowns. If you want to send your swimming whale goggles data to other apps, you can connect it to Strava,, and Apple Health.

Apart from showing your swimming track history with whale goggles and unlocking some basic achievements, there is not much to revisit the app. You can add other Ciye users to your tracking community, but you cannot perform operations such as creating or tracking exercises, which will be a useful feature. Goggles, smart goggles, now let’s take a look at the bad things centered on the display. This is a small screen suitable for beginners, designed to give you a glimpse instead of controlling your field of vision, and may be distracting when you are swimming and wearing whale goggles.

Although using the screen positioning function in the app and turning the screen to full brightness, we found a basic flaw. If you don't have perfect eyesight, it will be difficult to see the display. We wear glasses and contact lenses. Both of these glasses must be taken off before entering the swimming pool and putting on whale goggles. We found it difficult to see the screen clearly to absorb real-time statistics and feedback. Even very deliberate squinting makes viewing statistics so difficult and prevents us from swimming and wearing whale goggles. Playing with the screen positioning and the bridge of the nose did not really solve this problem for us.

Goggles, smart goggles, thankfully, the screen will not be blocked by water, and there is a small notification light facing you instead of others to let you know that it is tracking. The screen is not big enough, sharp enough, or clear enough at all. If you have good eyesight, you may have no problem here, but this is not the case for us.

In terms of battery, this is a good experience. Goggles, claiming that they should last 4 to 6 hours, and wearing whale goggles for 40 minutes of swimming, we saw a battery drop of only 2%. Although we did notice a sharp drop in battery power during a strange session, it seems to a large extent that it was caused by the goggles not being properly turned off and trying to forcibly connect to our phone. The battery should last a week for swimming and wear whale goggles, although it is not without problems. When it comes to charging, we definitely prefer cables that are less fragile and harder to mess with.

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