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Swimming goggles, whale brand, how to protect yourself and safety when swimming

November 16, 2021

Swimming goggles, whale brand, any careless exercise will cause minor injuries, swimming is no exception, swimming self-protection is very important, otherwise it will lead to "second pollution", the following points are real experiences, specially organized for love Swimming people.

Once swimming, when I turned around, I accidentally kicked a nail on the side of the swimming pool underwater, resulting in a hole in my right thumb. There was no blood at the time, thinking it was nothing. After a while, I found that the original wound had grown into a "wart", just like a calluse. I shaved it for a long time, and it did not get better. I went to the hospital last year and used cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen at minus 20 degrees) twice to get it done.

Experience: When swimming, pay attention to the things that are easy to pierce people in the swimming pool, such as nails and hooks tied to the waterline, and broken tiles, etc., which can easily scratch the skin. Be careful. After the skin is cut, water should be discharged immediately (the pool water has many bacteria), and the wound should be wrapped. After the foot is cut and landed, do not wear the public slippers in the swimming pool directly (the slippers will have infectious bacteria, the doctor said that my foot warts Probably just like this).

Just during the Chinese New Year this year, my limbs started to itch. I stopped itching for two days and continued to swim. It itched again that night. I couldn’t sleep well and also developed erythema. Later, the doctor diagnosed it as dermatitis. If it is not treated, it is difficult to get better, and it is easy to relapse. I had to take medicine (what cimetidine) and get an injection (Kajianmiao, as if I had it when I was a child) and ointment (halometasone cream), and now it's all right.

Experience: There are chemical potions and many bacteria and microorganisms in the water in the swimming pool, especially the warm water in winter is more likely to breed bacteria. Therefore, it is best to apply some oily protective cream on the face and body before entering the water. I now use "olive oil", which is pure natural and insoluble in water. It is easy to form a protective film between the skin and the pool water, and the price is also cheap. Also, exercise more after you get out of the pool, because you sweat during sports, so pool water will not easily enter the human body. Don’t rub your body while soaking like a bath in a bath. In fact, the skin is also a protective barrier for people, and the movements are unsightly. If you scratch your skin while rubbing your body, you can easily get skin infections. If the skin is itchy, and it is like a prickly itch, and there are things like small needles in the itchy place, then you will get dermatitis in all likelihood. This dermatitis is related to your own immune system. If it is not treated, it will not itch after two days. , But it is easy to relapse once it encounters the same source of infection. So seek medical attention in time.

The swimming pool contains chlorine, which has a destructive effect on the cuticle of the hair. As time goes by, the hair is prone to yellowing and breakage. Therefore, it is best to put some olive oil on your hair and wear a swimming cap before entering the water. After entering the water, do not take off your swimming cap casually to prevent your hair from contacting the pool water. Also pay attention to the protection of the eyes, do not take off the swimming goggles arbitrarily when swimming, and keep your eyes in contact with the pool water as little as possible.

Anyone who swims must have drunk the pool water. But don't worry too much, because the human stomach produces strong acid, few bacteria and microorganisms can escape this barrier. But we also have to pay attention that if you drink a lot of chlorine-containing water, your stomach will be damaged. It is recommended to drink some pure milk appropriately, which can effectively reduce this damage.

The average person will pay attention not to swim under the big sun. It is best to apply sunscreen before swimming. But cloudy days, especially in summer, can cause sunburn if you don’t pay attention. Because the sunburn is mainly caused by the ultraviolet rays in the sun, even if it is cloudy, 90% of the ultraviolet rays will penetrate the clouds, so you must master the swimming time and apply sunscreen when swimming on a cloudy day.

It is easy to cause muscle strain when swimming. In the past, I often strained my thigh muscles during breaststroke. Then I changed a pair of swimming trunks and resolved it. It is the kind of swimming trunks that reach the knees (used in summer) and long-legged swimming trunks (used in winter). The advantage of this kind of swimming trunks is that they can wrap your thigh muscles well, and will not shake when swimming and cause muscle strain. , It is more effective for those with meaty thighs.

The above is the method that the whale swimming goggles brand introduces very use;

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