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Swimming must wear goggles 8 common sense can not be forgotten

December 07, 2021

Swim with whale goggles and cool and fit beautiful handsome guys, not only can show a seductive figure, but also allow the water to take away the excess fat in the body. However, common sense of exercise weight loss that is neglected during swimming can impair your health and fail to achieve the desired weight loss effect. Let's take everyone to learn about 8 healthy weight loss common senses that should be paid attention to during swimming.


1. Exercise is best two hours after a meal

Regardless of whether you choose to swim during the day or at night, you should start exercising two hours after a meal. During this time, sugar and food can be fully decomposed, and fat can be consumed as soon as possible during swimming. Secondly, the food in the abdomen is affected by the water pressure during swimming, which can cause nausea and vomiting.

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2. Supplement high-protein and high-calcium foods

Swimming is a full-body exercise. The muscles of the back, chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs can be exercised well in swimming. Swimming for 30 minutes can consume more than 260 calories, which is equivalent to doing 60 minutes of aerobic exercise. It is best to choose high-protein foods before swimming, such as eggs, meat, soy products, and some sugar sweets, but don’t eat too much, you can eat a 70% full. At the same time, in order to prevent cramps, you can also drink a glass of salted water or eat some calcium tablets before swimming. This can also replenish mineral elements such as calcium, potassium, and phosphorus that are lost during swimming.


3. Adjust your swimming mentality

Many swimmers have the mentality of "to lose weight and swim to the end" before entering the water, and they have to exhaust themselves before letting go, wishing to lose 3 or 4 kilograms. In fact, this is a very unscientific idea. Weight loss cannot be achieved overnight. First of all, you must learn to swim as a lifestyle habit, and long-term exercise can reduce fat.

Some MMs are afraid of swimming and get up after staying under the water for 20 minutes. In fact, swimming exercises of less than 30 minutes have no weight loss effect. They are afraid of swimming because they have not mastered the correct swimming method. You can find patience. The swimming instructor teaches himself how to move freely in the water.

4. Replenish water at any time

When swimming, I feel that I am not sweating, but this is actually an illusion. When swimming, the whole body is resisted by water, so that all parts are in motion, but the water temperature is lower than body temperature, and the heat transfer is faster. It is difficult for the body to accumulate heat in the water, and the sweat is taken away by the water, so even if "sweat" I didn't feel it either.


5. Adopt the athlete swimming method

The best speed for swimming to lose weight should be more than 35 meters per minute. Athletes generally adopt split swimming method. MMs with short rest periods can also learn from this method and adopt exercise rest rotation method. The rest time is less than swimming time, swim for 3 minutes and rest for 1 minute, then swim for 3 minutes and rest for 1 minute. After two groups of these exercises, you still don’t feel tired. You can swim for another 5 minutes and rest for 2 minutes to maintain a cyclical exercise. , Appropriately increase the time of continuous swimming and rest time.

6. Don't "soak" in the water for too long

Swimming time is not as long as possible, it is best to control it within 45-60 minutes, not more than two hours. Swimming consumes energy and calories. If the body's calories are exhausted, the body's defense mechanism will automatically save fat for "underwater cold resistance", and subcutaneous fat will increase. When you feel that your whole body is slowly cold and cannot be relieved by standing and resting, you have to get up immediately, which already shows that the body fat is brewing and growing.

7. To control the "mouth" is to control weight gain

People's metabolism is very fast when swimming, and it is easy to feel hungry after exercise. At this moment, let your mouth go, and your previous efforts will be in vain.


8. Relaxation exercises to stretch the body and mind

Get out of the water and do some relaxing exercises, shake your limbs, slapping your legs or upper arms, to prevent muscle tension caused by long-term exercise, and to relieve the sequelae of sore legs and feet the next day. Whale Goggles authorized online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress to customize it belongs to its own brand; offline authorized wholesalers and large sellers customize its own brand; we are a brand designer, a factory manufacturer, and a large area of 40,000 square meters Modern factory, welcome to email direct consultation!

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