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Swimming skills, postures and movements allow you to quickly learn to swim

December 25, 2021

 Whale goggles, the correct swimming style can make your exercise more effective. Below is a collection of all swimming style skills and movements, including complete suggestions from elite swimming coaches. Whether you are a rookie swimmer or a swimmer, you can use these swimming skills to greatly increase and become the rich and handsome in the swimming world!

1. Breaststroke Techniques

1. In the breaststroke stroke, extend your arms when you start the stroke, and turn your hands slightly outward; speed up when you sweep your arms and keep the water catching motion.

2. Breaststroke kicks, bend your feet, and when you start kicking, draw your toes toward your calves, while keeping your heels close to your hips; when your legs are stretched outwards and backwards, kick backwards with your feet to accelerate And push the body forward.

3. Breaststroke pose, with your head facing forward and tilted slightly downwards to make your body as straight as possible from head to buttocks; tighten your abdomen, keep your back as straight as possible, and keep your buttocks as close to the water as possible.

4. Breaststroke for breathing. When your arms start to catch the water, lift your head out of the water and inhale with your mouth; in the closing phase, when you stretch your arms forward, put your head into the water and exhale slowly with your nose or mouth.


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2. Freestyle skills

1. Freestyle stroke. At the beginning of the stroke, gently stretch your hand into the water, with your fingertips in the water first; press your forearm down to stroke as much as possible; while one hand is catching the water, Move your other hand out of the water.

2. In the freestyle style, remember to keep your head in the middle position when swimming, that is, keep your eyes directly below; straighten your back and keep your body straight. Except when you twist your head and ventilate, your head should always face the body at a 90-degree angle. The bottom of the pool directly below.

3. Freestyle kicks, keep your legs straight, and bend your knees slightly when the legs are near the surface of the water-kick up; then use your hips to stretch your legs when they are drawn to the bottom of the pool-down Kick;

4. Freestyle ventilation. When your arm starts to extend out of the water, turn your head to one side. When your arm is extended forward, breathe under the arm; when you turn your head back to the center position, use your mouth or Exhale slowly from the nose;

Three, backstroke skills

1. Backstroke paddling, gently stretch your hands into the water, your hands should be turned outwards so that the little finger enters the water first; in the closing phase, stretch your arms straight up, point to the roof, and then fall from the top of the head to prepare to enter the water. Water stage.

2. Backstroke posture, keep your head in the right position with your face facing the roof directly above; tighten your abdomen and straighten your back to avoid arching your body.

3. Backstroke kick, relax your feet, stretch your ankles, and straighten your toes; keep your feet straight and bend your knees slightly when your legs are near the bottom of the pool;

4. Backstroke for breathing. Since your face is always out of the water, you can breathe at any time~Try to breathe rhythmically following your stroke.


Four, butterfly stroke technique

1. In the butterfly stroke, the arms are submerged in the water, the elbows are kept high, the forearms are pressed down, and the water is pulled back; when catching the water, the elbows are kept in a high position, and the arms are accelerated backwards. , Finger pointing to the bottom of the pool;

2. Butterfly stroke position, keep the head in the center, face down position, the line of sight and the body are at a 90-degree angle towards the bottom of the pool; keep the face down position, except for raising the head to keep the head in place at all times.

3. Butterfly kick kick, use the force of the hips to use the dolphin lift, beat down fully, until the legs are completely straight; in the up kick, that is, when your feet are kicked up out of the water, relax your legs and turn your heels toward the surface. Bring it up to the surface to form a slight bend in the leg at the knee.

4. Butterfly stroke ventilation. When the hands start to pull down the water, lift the head out of the water for ventilation, and the chin should be as close to the water surface as possible; when the hands are finished pulling the water and start to leave the water to take the hand, press the head back Face down in the middle. Whale Goggles authorizes online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress to customize its own brand; offline authorized wholesalers and large sellers customize its own brand; we are a brand designer, factory manufacturer, and a large modern factory of 40,000 square meters , Welcome to email direct consultation!

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