Swimming style allows you to be elegant and generous in developing waters

December 15, 2021

Whale swimming goggles believe that swimming is a favorite of children, adults, and the elderly. There are swimming to relieve the heat in summer, winter swimming for fitness in winter, and the spring and autumn seasons are good times for swimming. But many people think that the correct swimming posture is not important. Experts point out that for fitness, the correct swimming posture is very important.


The posture is wrong and the exercise effect is poor. When a person swims, the standard of the action is not high, and it mainly depends on the purpose of swimming. If you only swim once or twice occasionally, or get cool in the swimming pool when the weather is hot, it doesn't make much sense whether the movements are regular.


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However, if swimming is regarded as a long-term exercise method, hoping to achieve the purpose of fitness, standardized movements are very important. Through swimming exercises, a person's cardiopulmonary function and muscle strength can be enhanced. If the swimmer insists on correct movements and strengthens step by step, the improvement of physical fitness will be obvious over time. If the technical movements are not standardized, the exercise goal that should be achieved will not be achieved, and the muscles that should be exercised will not be exercised. This is what people often say is "partial" exercise. For example, when swimming, it mainly depends on the strength of the legs. The enhancement of leg strength plays a key role in performance. However, many people only pay attention to upper limb movements when swimming, and basically do not move their legs. In this way, not only is it difficult to swim, but the legs that could provide power have become a burden.


Don't do wasteful work. In addition, swimming with irregular movements often leads to slower performance improvement. Standard technical actions are the summation of many people's long-term experience and the crystallization of wisdom. Generally speaking, exercising in accordance with standard technical movements is the most reasonable and labor-saving exercise method. For swimmers, breathing is a very important technique. Some people don't learn to breathe. During breaststroke, their head is always high on the water, and the neck and back muscles are always very tense, which is a waste of energy. In addition, because the head cannot be pierced in the water, the resistance of the body in the movement will increase. Therefore, with the same physical strength, athletes with standard exercises can swim 100 meters, while people with non-standard exercises can only swim 25 meters. In other words, swimmers with irregular movements do a lot of useless work, which will eventually affect their interest in sports.


Correction requires patience. There is a process for the formation of habitual movements. Most people feel awkward and uncomfortable when they first correct their movements. But in the long run, it is still necessary to swim in accordance with standard technical moves. Correcting wrong actions is often more difficult than learning from scratch. Many people have just changed to correct movements, and the speed is not as fast as before, but swimming enthusiasts must have enough patience. Correcting incorrect movements is to swim faster, easier, and better in the future. The temporary awkwardness is for better performance and better exercise effect in the future. As long as you persist patiently for a period of time, swimming enthusiasts will find a significant improvement in their level.

In addition, when correcting movements, it is best to find a swimming coach, so that "transition" is much easier. Irregular movements often lead to unreasonable use of force and inability to use vigorously. In addition, the situation in some unfamiliar waters is more complicated, which is often the main reason for swimmers. Whale swimming goggles authorized online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress to customize their own brands; offline authorized wholesalers, large sellers customize their own brands; we are a brand designer, factory manufacturer, 40,000 square meters Modern factory, welcome to email direct consultation!

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