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Swimming with myopia must purchase special nearsighted goggles

December 20, 2021

Whale goggles,Swimming goggles wholesale ; introduction is not myopia, I have no experience, myopia is hard to learn to swim, you will never understand the pain of myopia, we all know that there are swimming world champions also have myopia, but did you know that she is also a highly myopic eye? But in 2021, there will be a new identity for the brand eye protection ambassador for whale swimming goggles!

For this reason, young fans have sent many weird questions, and we have selected 10 of the most popular topics to share with you one after another. I hope that through the self-report and editorial comments on some of the little-known stories behind it, you will know more about it and the meaning of her vigorous promotion of eye protection! I want to learn to swim, but I am highly short-sighted. Will it affect my eyes if I am often in the water?


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Whale swimming goggles brand promotion ambassador Because I am also a person with high myopia, I think children with high myopia should pay attention to the safety of swimming in the water. You'd better wear a pair of swimming goggles with special power when you are swimming.

There will be a lot of light refraction when swimming in the water. The pictures we see in the water (through swimming goggles) and the pictures on the water are actually different in many cases, so we must pay attention to safety. Then you have to choose a pair of swimming goggles that suit you very well. Don’t wear flat glasses. You must wear myopia glasses before you can go swimming. Otherwise, if you can’t see clearly, it’s really easy to happen in the water.

Swimming may be just an ordinary exercise for ordinary people, but for people with myopia, it is quite tangled! Generally speaking, people with ordinary myopia, that is, myopia below 300 degrees, do not need to consider vision problems. Because the refractive index of water is different from that of air, everything in water is magnified by 3 times. In some ways, it can "offset" some myopia. Therefore, children whose myopia is not too deep can see things in the water clearly by wearing flat swimming goggles, without worrying about seeing things clearly on land.

But for people with high myopia, if you don't wear myopic swimming goggles with the right degree, the vision will be blurred, which will not only affect the efficiency of swimming! It may even cause dangerous accidents. Therefore, it is recommended to correct myopia before learning to swim normally.

It is a highly myopic eye with more than 600 degrees of myopia astigmatism two Baidu! As a swimmer, she also faces a lot of troubles: because of myopia, she often swims crookedly during competitions and training. Even in the 100-meter backstroke competition of the World Championships, she barely relied on the beams on the roof of the swimming pool as a reference, but she still turned around. Crooked too badly and missed a better place for this.

She has been plagued by myopia for so many years! She also came from school days, knowing that the children are very tired with eyes, it is painful not to see the blackboard, and even have to face the trouble of swimming inconvenience...So she wants to do her best to love and protect the eyes! It is decided to join hands with the brand of myopia prevention and control whale swimming goggles, and to contribute to the public welfare of young people's vision health, so that the awareness of eye protection can be widely spread.

As a world swimming champion, she can be described as a clear stream in the celebrity world. Because she only does public welfare and rarely endorses the whale goggles brand, she works with caring companies and wants to tell fans and friends through her own experience that she prevents and controls myopia. importance! Willing to help and take good care of children's eye health, so that they can have a bright future! Whale swimming swimming goggles authorized online e-commerce amazon, ebay, wish, and AliExpress to customize their own brands; offline authorized wholesalers and large sellers customize their own brands; we are a brand designer, a factory manufacturer, and a large modernization of 40,000 square meters Factory, welcome to email direct consultation!

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