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Teach you how to distinguish between the front and back of a swimming cap

November 08, 2021

The swimming cap is an indispensable equipment for swimming. It can gather and press the hair on the head to reduce the volume of the head and reduce the water resistance. A good swimming cap can also prevent the hair from being soaked by the pool water, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the hair. Now based on my many years of swimming experience, I will tell you how to divide the pros and cons of swimming caps.


If you don't see the trademark, you can look at both sides of the swimming cap. There is only one or two of the stitching lines on the front side, and the back side generally has many threads for seaming, which looks messy.


If it is a swimming cap made of silicone, the first thing to look at is the logo. Usually there are English logos or patterns. The side with the logo is the front.


If you can't see the trademark, look at both sides of the swimming cap. The front of the swimming cap is flat and smooth, and the back usually has many round dots.


If it is a swimming cap made of PU coated fabric, the front and back are well divided. The front is smooth and waterproof, while the back is generally white cloth with a lot of stitching.

If it is the most common cloth swimming cap, it is also very good to distinguish the front and the back. This kind of swimming cap is printed with various patterns on the front side, and there is no pattern on the back side, only some colors pass through the front side.

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