The best time to swim to lose weight

December 07, 2021

 Whale goggles believes that swimming is undoubtedly the best way to lose weight in summer. However, in the process of losing weight, many people often only focus on the method of weight loss and ignore the time period for weight loss. In fact, if you grasp the best time to lose weight and do the most suitable exercise, the weight loss effect may be doubled. So, when is swimming the most weight loss?


1. The best time to swim to lose weight

The best time for swimming to lose weight is generally divided into these time periods. One is about 2 hours after breakfast in the morning, and the other is about 40 minutes after dinner in the evening or 1 to 2 hours before going to bed. The effect of weight loss will be better:

1. Swim about 2 hours after breakfast

In the morning, the body's metabolism is better, which is more conducive to exercise and fat burning. Moreover, the water temperature in the morning is relatively low. According to the principle of body temperature balance, the human body will automatically adjust the body temperature, and the body will burn fat and glucose to supplement the calories consumed.

However, in the morning, the amount of swimming should not be large, and half an hour is enough. Because swimming is a very expensive exercise, if the amount is too large, the human body's spirit will naturally decline, which will affect future study, work and life.


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2. Swimming about 40 minutes after dinner

According to scientific research, the most active period of the day is 15:00-21:00 in the afternoon, during which exercise is the best. And if you exercise before dinner, because swimming consumes a lot of physical energy, you will definitely feel hungry, have a great appetite, and eat more.

The body is relatively tired after swimming, and generally does not exercise after a meal, and it is easy to gain weight if it accumulates for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to start swimming 40 minutes after dinner. Firstly, you will have sufficient physical strength, and secondly, you can burn calories and reduce fat.


3. Swim about 1 to 2 hours before going to bed

Why does swimming before going to bed produce good results? This is because the calorie burning effect produced by exercise will not immediately return to the calorie consumption when not exercising due to the end of exercise. Generally speaking, the calorie consumption within a few hours after exercise will be several to tens of calories higher per hour than before exercise. So even when you sleep, you still continue to lose weight. What a wonderful thing.


Two, the two main reasons for the failure of swimming to lose weight

Swimming is very effective for weight loss, but many people find that swimming is not thinner. What is the reason?

1. Insufficient exercise

At the beginning of swimming, it is in the anaerobic exercise phase. Energy consumption mainly depends on the anaerobic glycolysis of sugar. At this stage of exercise, people are short of breath and lack of oxygen, so fat is not used at all. Continue to exercise again, the human body begins to enter the period of aerobic exercise. In the next hour, under moderate-intensity exercise, the energy supply is provided by the aerobic metabolism of sugar. It will not consume fat in this hour. If you continue to exercise, you will start to consume fat by the aerobic metabolism of fat.

Therefore, swimming has to take at least one hour of continuous exercise before it starts to produce weight loss. Some people do not have enough exercise time or exercise volume to achieve results.


2. Intemperate eating after swimming

When swimming to lose weight, you must also pay attention to diet. However, people have a phenomenon of "excessive recovery" after exercise. Simply put, in order to adapt to the next level of exercise, the human body must consume more energy than before after each exercise. This is a self-protection measure of the human body.

Therefore, after swimming, people can often eat well and sleep soundly, and consume more calories, even more than they consume. Therefore, not paying attention to dieting, especially stopping after a period of exercise, is the easiest to make the weight exceed the original level. This is an important reason why many people fail to lose weight in exercise.


Third, the time schedule of exercise to lose weight

Studies have found that light exercise is the most reasonable one hour after a meal; moderate exercise should be scheduled two hours after a meal; high-intensity exercise can be performed three hours after a meal. Based on this, several optimal exercise time periods can be derived:

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