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The characteristics of choosing swimming goggles

December 31, 2021

It is very difficult to choose anything in the world, because it is related to the long-term use in the future, and the choice of swimming goggles is no exception. Of course, swimming in summer is a very calm and very popular sport, but swimming is better to wear. A pair of whale swimming goggles is the best, so we can prevent friends who wear contact lenses from polluting the water, and swimming in myopia and solve the inconvenience of swimming in people who are close. How to choose swimming goggles, improper selection or use of goggles, not only cannot protect the eyes, but may also cause damage to the eyes.

Swimming goggles made in China

How to choose whale swimming goggles, whale swimming goggles and ordinary mirrors, anti-fog mirrors, mirrors, anti-fog myopia and myopia. How to choose whale goggles, you must ensure that the degree of water penetration remains the same, you can see clearly without distortion, and your field of vision is open. A good whale swimming goggles should meet optical and medical standards and anti-fog performance. The swimming goggles must be good, otherwise the whale swimming goggles will appear foggy, which is very embarrassing. Patients with myopia can swim easily if they choose swimming goggles.

How to choose whale swimming goggles, the mirror is a common edge lens frame with a waterproof and sealed ordinary flat mirror belt; anti-fog mirror refers to the production of anti-fog coating on the lens, so that the lens will not accumulate fog or water vapor, the ordinary mirror before use Applying anti-fog liquid also has the same effect; myopia is replaced with a special goggles lens diopter. How to choose swimming goggles. After choosing goggles, you should try to test the connection, the comfort of the gasket and the facial bones, and the comfort of the facial bones after wearing the glasses, as well as the beauty and comfort.

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