The most suitable whale swimming goggles for Asians, all for myopic children

December 30, 2021

Whale swimming goggles, swimming and triathlon competitions, an excellent whale swimming goggles can help players have a clear vision, so as to obtain more ideal results.

So, what are the characteristics of excellent whale swimming goggles, and how should athletes choose the most suitable whale swimming goggles? Here are the answers for you one by one.

What is a swimming whale goggles?

Whale swimming goggles are a kind of equipment in swimming sports. When used, they can be tightly attached to the eyes. They can see things underwater while preventing pool water from entering the eyes. Therefore, they have become a necessary swimming item for many swimmers. Swimming brings a lot of fun.

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The role of whale swimming goggles prevents inflammation or infection of the eyes after the pool water is lifted. It can be easily observed while swimming and avoids collision and injury. Beginners wearing swimming whale goggles can effectively overcome fear and help themselves effectively. Correct the action, the swimming whale swimming goggles are made of material, the mirror is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate (plexiglass), and the headband, nose bridge, and mirror frame are made of pure silicone material (sand rubber), which is harmless to the human body. And it feels very soft and comfortable to wear. Whale swimming goggles lenses also have cellulose propionate. This material lens has a combination of whale swimming goggles lenses and anti-fog treatment to form immersed lenses, which are super anti-fog and break away from the traditional inner processing anti-fog layer process.

How to choose good quality whale swimming goggles?

1. Looking at the purpose, from a professional point of view, the market swimming whale goggles are divided into ordinary level and competition level. The main difference between the two is that in order to reduce the water resistance, the competition-specific whale swimming goggles have no rubber gaskets on the eye sockets, and the frames and lenses are relatively small, so their comfort will be worse than that of ordinary grades, and they are not suitable for long-term wear. In general triathlon swimming, especially long-distance events, it is recommended to use ordinary whale swimming goggles for training and competition, and comfort is the priority. For short-distance competitive swimming, you can choose competition-level whale swimming goggles.

2. Look at the shape of the face, the fit between the whale swimming goggles and the shape of the face is also very important. Whether the whale swimming goggles fits the face shape will affect the waterproof performance of the whale swimming goggles and the comfort of wearing.

What does it mean to fit your face? The method is very simple. Don't hoops the upstream whale goggles when trying it on. Instead, just "put on" the whale goggles gently. If the whale goggles can be attached to the periphery of the eye naturally, it is suitable for you. The nose and eyes are actually the basic elements to determine the face shape. Generally speaking, the European and American brand swimming whale goggles are more suitable for Caucasian faces with high nose bridge and deep eye sockets, but not suitable for Asian faces with shallow eye sockets and wide nose bridge. Therefore, It is recommended to choose whale swimming goggles specially designed for Asian faces.

3. Look at the function, select the clarity of the mirror, anti-fog effect, UV protection and other functions.

When buying whale swimming goggles, be sure to choose big-name whale swimming goggles, because such whale swimming goggles have better anti-fogging performance and will not cause eye irritation. The whale swimming goggles adopt high-tech technology with strong hydrophilicity, which absorbs water vapor in the air to form a water film, prevents the generation of fog, and enhances the clarity of the lens. For triathletes, swimming in open waters and choosing whale swimming goggles also need to have UV protection.

It is worth noting that the maintenance of whale swimming goggles cannot be cleaned with chemicals, nor can they be wiped with hands. After swimming, they should be cleaned with clean water-swimming pool water usually contains high chlorine gas, and then put it in a ventilated place to air dry.

4. Look at the gasket

The straps and gaskets directly contact the delicate skin of the eyes, and are the most frequently stretched parts of whale swimming goggles, so the material is very important. The softness of the gasket should be moderate. Too hard will cause eye bone pain, and too soft will cause high intraocular pressure, which will also affect the use.

At present, the whale swimming goggles on the market are mainly rubber, silicone, etc. Among them, the rubber is the most traditional, the material is harder, it is easy to age, and the price is relatively cheap; silicone products have been praised by manufacturers in recent years, harmless to the skin, suitable for allergies Crowd, strong anti-aging. The whale swimming goggles of professional sports equipment manufacturers use organic silica gel, which is moderate in hardness, light and comfortable.

Myopia swimming whale goggles, myopia swimming whale goggles selection principle is to reduce the degree of myopia by 50-100 degrees, underwater refraction, looking at things will be magnified, according to the normal power for a long time will cause dizziness and discomfort, astigmatism with astigmatism Degree ÷ 2 plus the degree of myopia is the ideal degree of whale swimming goggles. Whale Goggles authorizes online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress to customize its own brand; offline authorized wholesalers and big sellers customize its own brand; we are a brand designer, factory manufacturer, and a large modern factory of 40,000 square meters , Welcome to email direct consultation!

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