The swimming goggles are not swimming glasses? Knowing these English is very important!

November 23, 2021

The brand of whale goggles, it’s a good thing to go to the beach to swim in hot weather. Don’t forget that there is also an artifact in sports—swimming! Not only can you exercise in an all-round way, it is said that more travel can also make your skin better! Of course, don’t choose an outdoor swimming pool if the heat is too hot...

The brand of whale swimming goggles tells you, what English can you speak to children in the swimming pool? What should I say in English for various swimming styles such as breaststroke and backstroke, as well as various swimming equipment such as swimming caps and goggles? Come and discuss with me today!

First of all, take the children to swim, you may need these English;

➤ If your child wants to invite a friend to swim, you can teach him to say this:

Let's go for a dip! Let's go swimming!

Would you like to go swimming with me? Would you like to go swimming with me?

➤ Of course, it is possible for the child to receive such a reply from the dry ducks and dog planners:

I can't swim. I can't swim.

I can only swim doggie paddle. I can only swim doggie paddle.

➤ When you get to the swimming pool, you can also remind your children to pay attention to safety like this:

Be careful! Be careful!

Don't swim too far! Don't swim too far!

➤ If you are afraid of your child choking, you can also teach him:

Please only breathe out when you under the water. (Yes, this is the secret to not choking water~)

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