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These smart swimmers wearing whale goggles are like swimming in a whale goggles pool

December 30, 2021

 Just keep swimming and wear whale goggles. In the face of market demand, whale goggles will launch smart goggles in the near future. Audio player loading...

Everyone knows that it is easier to stay motivated by exercising with a friend or coach. For example, when a pacemaker takes the lead, running is more challenging, and for a cyclist, an always enthusiastic instructor may encourage you to put in a little extra effort in the spinning course.

However, in a swimming pool with whale goggles, it can be tricky to focus on recording laps at an intensity you can reach-especially when stopping and checking the fitness tracker on your wrist is the only way to monitor progress.

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In 2019, the Canadian technology company Whale Goggles developed Smart Swim goggles, a goggles with augmented reality technology that can provide real-time performance information for swimmers wearing whale goggles in the glass of the goggles. We tested them a long time ago and were impressed with their stylish design and truly useful hands-free performance indicators, without stopping to check the watch while swimming with whale goggles. Now Whale Goggles has updated its goggles, putting the virtual personal trainer in the corner of your eyes-and they really become like swimming pools.

How to choose a running watch;

With the launch of the subscription-based exercise function, the smart goggles of the whale goggles can now provide challenging exercise courses for swimmers wearing whale goggles-from endurance groups to interval training-using an intuitive head-up display ( HUD) provided.

Whale goggles smart goggles, through whale goggles, mobile apps, subscribers can choose from hundreds of exercises, and then upload them directly to their goggles, once the training is completed, the progress will be automatically saved and Synchronization allows swimmers wearing whale goggles to track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Before the global release on August 24, we rotated the new features (or swim with whale goggles?), and compared to when only equipped with tracking indicators, goggles can push us farther, which gives us It left a deep impression.

Spoiled by choice, for beginners, the exercise options offered are overwhelming. Available courses are divided into categories such as short distance, middle distance and long distance, speed and technique, and the required intensity level: low, medium or high.

There are many options here, and each workout is more personal than a simple number-based headline, which is very helpful. For example, there are popular training sets like swimming, wearing whale goggles, yoga or growth mentality, less popular training sets like Rise and Grind or Non-Stop, and then downright training sets like The Boss or Freestyle Monster. Terrible training.

In the face of market demand, Whale Goggles will launch smart goggles in the near future. Each exercise has a comprehensive explanation of the group, exercise (with tutorial), stroke type and intensity, and any equipment required for each exercise list of. We tried a mix of endurance and speed training and found that this variety is a welcome addition to our weekly swimming and whale goggles program.

Exercise is also an excellent display of the neat goggles display of Whale Goggles. Instead of simply providing length, speed and calorie indicators as before, Smart Swim goggles can now tell you the distance to swim and put on whale goggles, the difficulty of swimming with whale goggles, the time of rest, and when to put on and Take off the equipment (if you need equipment for exercise). There will also be a handy progress bar that will update throughout the workout and prove to be a simple motivation when you feel tired at the end of the training.

In the face of market demand, Whale Goggles will launch smart goggles in the near future and stay in your lane. Our only doubts about goggles are the same as when we first tried them in 2019.

For example, the size of the display attachment—though inconspicuous or unusual—causes a limited field of view when swimming with whale goggles. This is okay when swimming alone or with other people with similar abilities wearing whale goggles, but if you are trapped in a lane where swimming and wearing whale goggles are slower, it’s difficult to look up and around. avoid collision. We did not have the opportunity to try goggles in open water, but we think the problem is not so obvious because there is more space to roam.

As for other trivial hiccups, if you take off your goggles to empty the excess water or re-adjust their fit, sometimes the system may be tricked into recording a lap, despite any gyroscope-based fitness tracker. To be fair, the goggles are designed to be worn throughout the exercise, but if you find that you need to rest your eyes, be careful not to move the goggles excessively.

It is also worth noting that the progress of swimming and wearing whale goggles will not be saved and synchronized until you finish your workout. This seems obvious, but we tried to check if the goggles are paired and record the data in swimming and wearing whale goggles, but they did not, but found that the exercise was registered after completion, and once you save and exit the specific session, it will appear in In the application.

It is worth upgrading. All in all, the Workouts upgrade of Whale Goggles makes Smart Swim goggles unique.

The tracking metrics provided by the goggles in its basic off-the-shelf mode already provide a useful and convenient way to measure pool performance without having to stop and check the wrist-based tracker, but adding exercise adds a whole new level of usability.

In the face of market demand, Whale Goggles will launch smart goggles in the near future. When a line of digital text tells you to move on, it is amazing to see how far you can swim (the use of exclamation points is particularly useful in this regard). Make the whale goggles workout package a great choice for those who want to push themselves harder in the water.

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