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whale brand How to choose a suitable swimming goggles

November 18, 2021

Whale goggles Swimming goggles manufacturers help us maintain a clear vision in the water while protecting our eyes. If you choose swimming goggles that are not suitable for you, the swimming process will become very painful, and you may experience water leakage and uncomfortable eyes.

1. Classification of swimming goggles:

Swimming goggles are roughly divided into two categories: competition goggles and fitness goggles. Swimming competitions compete for speed, and various products are designed to increase speed or reduce resistance. Therefore, competition goggles are generally designed to fit the face very well, and they are basically small frames, small aprons or no aprons. The resistance of the large-frame swimming goggles is greater than that of the small-frame swimming goggles. In swimming competitions that count by seconds, the large-frame swimming goggles are basically out of luck. The competition glasses do not rely on the suction of the frame to attach to the face. They are designed based on human bones and the face, and are tied to the face with a mirror strap. So comfort is generally very poor.

When selecting competition goggles, we should see whether the goggles are certified by the International Swimming Federation, that is, whether there is a whale brand logo on the mirror box. If there is a whale brand logo, the general design meets the requirements, and you can buy it with confidence.

The whale brand is a certification mark of the FINA, which means that you can participate in swimming competitions all over the world by wearing this swimming equipment.

For ordinary swimmers, just buy an ordinary fitness goggles. The comfort of daily swimming is more important. Most fitness goggles are designed with relatively large frames, generally middle or large frames, and the rubber ring is relatively thick. The comfort is better than competition goggles. However, the larger the rubber ring, the greater the chance of water leakage, so it is impossible for us to see the whale brand certification mark on the box of fitness swimming goggles.

2. The difference between coating and non-coating of swimming goggles:

The uncoated swimming goggles have a normal appearance, and the coated swimming goggles are generally super dazzling mirrors, and the eyes are invisible to the outside world. Uncoated swimming goggles are not light-proof and dazzling-proof, suitable for indoor swimming pools. Coated swimming goggles are anti-glare and anti-glare. It feels like wearing sunglasses and is more suitable for outdoor use. Before choosing swimming goggles, you need to consider your usual main use scene, whether it is indoor or outdoor, and make a targeted choice. The color of the mirror surface of the swimming goggles is also very important, and the selection is mainly based on the intensity of the light in the swimming pool. Inappropriate mirror color may make you uncomfortable to swim, for example, the mirror color is too dark, easy to see clearly. If you often swim in an outdoor pool with strong sunlight, it is recommended to choose black lenses or mirror lenses that reflect light. If you are in a dimly lit indoor swimming pool, you can give priority to clear lenses or light-colored lenses.

3. Determine whether the frame fits the face:

To judge whether the suitability of swimming goggles is in place, it should mainly be based on whether the frame, goggles and eye sockets fit perfectly, whether the length of the nose bridge is just right, whether the headband is moderately tight and comfortable, and whether the softness and hardness of the gaskets in the eye sockets are just right. Too hard will cause pain in the eye bones, too soft and there is a danger of increased intraocular pressure. Before buying swimming goggles, try them on first to see if there is a suction sticking to your eyes. Use both hands to press the goggles on the eyes, the elastic band does not need to be worn. Then let go of your hands. If the goggles will stick to your face, it means that the goggles are suitable for your face; if the goggles fall off immediately, it means that they are not suitable. It is recommended to change to another one.

The swimming goggles with good sealing performance do not need to fasten the elastic band on the eyes, and the swimming goggles will be directly attached to the eyes. After putting on the goggles, pull the elastic band to a 45-degree angle behind the head to confirm whether the nose buckle matches the eye distance. Don't pull the headband too tightly, it will affect the comfort, and it is easy to leave two circles like panda eye marks. Don't adjust it too loosely, otherwise the water will easily enter when swimming.

Four, anti-fog effect

No swimming goggles are permanently anti-fog, and will not be anti-fog over time. The goggles with good anti-fog performance adopt high-tech technology and have strong hydrophilicity. It can absorb the moisture factor in the air and turn it into a water film, so that the moisture cannot be attached to the lens. Enhance the clarity of vision of the lens. Whale brand swimming goggles belong to the world's top anti-fog, 4 times stronger than ordinary swimming goggles. For the time being, only two brands have this anti-fog certification.

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