Whale brand of swimming goggles, tips to solve the fogging of swimming goggles

November 16, 2021

Goggles and whale brand, the standing tools for swimming are goggles and swimming caps. It not only allows you to see more clearly underwater, but also reduces damage to your eyes. However, anyone who has worn swimming goggles should know that swimming goggles are something that is prone to fogging. As long as the environment is slightly uncomfortable, it will fog up and make you unable to see things clearly. However, facing the problem of fogging, there are many solutions in life. As long as they are used flexibly, there is basically no problem.

The first method: If we don't have any tools around after entering the pool, we can use our own saliva to decontaminate. This method is very effective. It not only lasts for a long time, but also can be collected locally, which is very convenient.

The second method: This is actually not a coup, but it can give you a reminder. If you wear goggles to go swimming, we can look for anti-fogging agents in the sales area of the swimming pool before entering the water. This spray is very convenient to use, just spray it on the mirror surface and it's done. And no matter whether you have watered it or not, it will not hinder its use. The anti-fog agent has a very good battery life and is a very useful tool.

The third method: common detergent, just squeeze it on the mirror surface, and then wipe it off manually. So that every corner of the mirror can be covered by it. Remember that you must not add water, otherwise it will not function as an anti-fog. After the detergent is covered, the duration is very long, so there is no need to worry about it. If it is wiped at home, it will fail when taken to the swimming pool.

Hand sanitizer is also an anti-fog artifact, but its duration is not as long as detergent. As long as you swim once, it basically fails and you need to apply it again. But it is better than the smell of detergent, so if you can't adapt to the detergent, you can try it with hand sanitizer.

The fourth method: The foam when we take a bath can also play a role in preventing fog. If you decide to go swimming every other day, you can foam your lenses while taking a bath that night. After applying the foam, we don't need to wipe it off deliberately, just shake off the foam on it. Then the next day, you can take it to the swimming pool.

The fifth method: egg white is also a very effective program. However, the time of this plan is difficult to determine. If you want to eat an egg before going to the swimming pool, there is absolutely no problem with using egg whites in this way. If you don't have this requirement, don't use it deliberately.

Here is a way to take the egg white. We just need to poke a small hole in the egg shell to let the egg white flow evenly from the small hole to the lens. This will not only allow the mirror to effectively receive the egg whites, but also prevent the inside of the eggs from being affected too much. Of course, they must be eaten in the end.

The above is the brand of swimming goggles and whales, which can provide anti-fog effect for everyone, so anyone who wears glasses can try it.

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