Whale goggles brand: a short-term solution to the fogging of goggles

November 23, 2021

The window of the room will be foggy in winter, and the swimming goggles will also have fogging problem in summer. We have specifically described the method of anti-fogging of egg white in the previous issues of "Unexpectedly", because the inner side of the swimming goggles is close to the eye socket, and the temperature is higher, while the outer side is in contact with the water and the temperature is lower. The temperature difference between the two sides will cause the water vapor in the swimming goggles to condense into small water droplets, which will affect the swimming sight. At this time, most people would take off their swimming goggles and let them soak in the water, but when they swam back in a circle, they were hazy again.

It is understood that professional athletes' swimming goggles have an anti-fog film, while ordinary swimming goggles do not have an anti-fog film, so they are prone to fogging. Therefore, ordinary swimming goggles generally need to take anti-fogging measures in advance: use professional swimming goggles to prevent fogging spray. The spray is available in sporting goods stores and online. In addition to this method, after a two-kilometer test by swimmers, the egg white can also prevent the goggles from fogging. Spread the egg white evenly on the inside or inside and outside of the swimming goggles, and then dry it to achieve the anti-fogging effect. The specific method is to clean the inside of the swimming goggles with a little detergent and dry; when beating the eggs, pour a little egg white on the egg shell into the swimming goggles so that the egg whites are evenly distributed on the mirror surface; then the excess Pour out the egg whites and let them dry.

The protein in the egg white contains surfactants, which can reduce the adhesion of water droplets on the lens. Even if there is still water attached to the lens, the surfactant can prevent it from forming water droplets, but a uniform water film, so The anti-fogging effect of egg white can be maintained for a period of time.

It is worth noting that when using the swimming goggles for the first time, the swimming goggles should be rinsed with clean water, so that the anti-fogging performance of the swimming goggles can be fully utilized. After each swim, use a neutral detergent and water to clean the grease attached to the mirror to avoid the anti-fogging effect of the goggles itself due to the grease covering and blocking.

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