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Whale goggles brand authorization, how to deal with foggy swimming goggles

November 27, 2021

The anti-fogging function is hydrophilic. Please soak it with clean water before wearing it. The anti-fogging effect is better. During wearing, cleaning or use, avoid touching and smearing the anti-fog surface of the lens with your nails or fingers to prevent the lens from scratching and destroying the anti-fog effect. After each swim, please rinse with clean water to prevent the grease from covering and drying out and blocking the anti-fog effect.

After each swim, personal sweat and grease in the pool water will adhere to the mirror, which will affect the anti-fogging function of the mirror. At this time, you can use a neutral detergent and water to gently rub the foam with your fingers, and then use your fingers to take a little foam and gently wipe the oil in the swimming goggles (note: before wiping with the foam, the lens should be soaked in water; When wiping gently with your fingers, avoid scratching the anti-fog film with your fingernails.); After rinsing with water, the grease can be removed and the anti-fog effect can be restored.

Because the anti-fog in the swimming goggles is used and cleaned for a long time, the anti-fogging effect in the swimming goggles will be reduced. If the above methods still fail to effectively prevent the fog, you can use an anti-fog agent to enhance the anti-fog effect; you can also use Saliva is applied to the mirror surface of the swimming goggles (there is no need to rinse with water), but these methods can only prevent fogging for a short time and cannot maintain the anti-fogging function for a long time. However, it can prolong the use time of the swimming goggles. No grease, and clean it with normal neutral detergent foam. Goggles e-commerce selection, physical store wholesale hot goggles find whale brand authorization to customize arbitrarily, large swimming goggles factory, contact us!

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