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Whale goggles brand, how to choose goggles and what shampoo is good after swimming

November 16, 2021

There is nothing wrong with choosing the brand of whale goggles for swimming goggles and diving goggles;

Whale goggles brand has a variety of styles, such as: ultra-clear water-proof, anti-fog and anti-ultraviolet. It is the first choice for divers, including children's swimming goggles, adult swimming goggles, men's swimming goggles, and women's swimming goggles! Its unique design and North American faces make this goggles more handsome and beautiful.

The high-definition anti-fog lens has 100% light transmittance, so that the underwater vision is super clear.

It is also long-lasting anti-fogging, and its sealed design makes it more leak-proof, using classic mechanical arcs, while reducing the pressure of the eyes, bid farewell to the panda eye with super high safety factor and affordable price.

Goggles whale brand: what shampoo is good after swimming

After swimming, you must wash your hair and take a bath because the pool water contains bleaching powder and disinfectant. It must be washed in time, otherwise it will damage your hair. This is why you must wear a waterproof silicone swimming cap.

Generally, choose a shower gel with cleansing and moisturizing functions and safe ingredients. After swimming, the skin is in a relatively dry state. Women are advised to bring body lotion.

Swimming tips are updated from time to time

1. If you are allergic to acne from swimming, you can apply some base oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. on your face before entering the water. The cause of the allergy is likely to be that the pool water is not clean.

2. How to deal with water in the swimming ears

(1) Use a sterile cotton swab or roll a paper towel into a thin strip and slowly extend it into the ear canal to suck out the water.

(2) First tilt your head to the other side of the water inlet ear, and then quickly throw it to the side of the water inlet ear. Repeat a few times to get it out.

(3) Hold the ear of the water with the palm of your hand, leaving no air, and quickly pull the palm of your hand to draw the water out.

(4) Leaning to the ears of the ingress of water, and jumping off the spot more often, the water will come out.

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