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Whale goggles brand: how to choose goggles? Recommended choice for myopia, anti-fog, and novice swimming goggles

November 16, 2021

Hello everyone! I am a small swimmer, a swimming enthusiast. I will now explain the knowledge and purchase criteria to share with all netizens. If it is helpful to you, please search for "whale goggles, whale swimming caps, whale fins, whale snorkels, whales" "Hand-Palm Brand" etc.;

The following is my collection of swimming equipment:

Swimming goggles are mainly divided into 5 structures, lens, frame, ring, bridge of the nose, headwear and headwear adjustment buckle;

(1) Lens: The material is generally polycarbonate (PC), the main things to look at are anti-fog, whether it is anti-ultraviolet, whether it is electroplated, whether it has myopia;

(2) Frame: The material is generally polycarbonate (PC), mainly including large and small frames;

(3) Lens gasket: The material is generally silica gel, which mainly depends on the comfort. Some professional racing goggles may not have a lens ring;

(4) Nose bridge: mainly depends on whether it can be adjusted;

(5) Headwear: The material is generally silica gel, which can be adjusted;

(6) Headwear adjustment buckle: used to adjust the tightness of the headwear, there are many adjustment methods;

The structure of the entire swimming goggles is integrated to see the overall comfort and waterproofness;

1. The anti-fogging properties of swimming goggles

The anti-fogging property of swimming goggles is a very important function of swimming goggles. Let me talk about the principle of anti-fogging. The main principle is that water vapor will form small water droplets when it meets cold equipment. When light passes through the small water droplets, it will diverge. It will be very hazy and the human temperature is relatively high. Therefore, after wearing the swimming goggles, water vapor will be generated, and small water droplets will be formed when encountering the lens. The anti-fog layer of the swimming goggles has an active agent on the surface, which is hydrophilic. , So it will condense the small water droplets into a water film, so that the light can pass through better, but the active agent of the anti-fog layer will dissolve in the water after encountering water, so after several times of use, the anti-fogging property It will drop. The general swimming goggles basically have no anti-fogging properties after a few times of use. Better goggles may be used several times, but basically no swimming goggles can achieve long-term anti-fogging.

The swimming goggles have no anti-fogging properties. What should I do? Replace them with new ones? Of course not, there are mainly the following methods:

Smear a little saliva on the lens and then lick it with your tongue. This is also the practice of many professional swimmers. This method is more convenient, but it can only last for a short period of time, which is completely enough for athletes to compete.

Buy a special anti-fogging agent:

Goggles frame size and plating options

1. Swim goggles frames are generally divided into two types, large and small, and there is a type like diving goggles in large frames.

A large frame has better vision and is more comfortable to wear, but because it is larger, it is less waterproof, easy to fall off, and has greater resistance in water

The small frame has a poor field of view and is relatively uncomfortable to wear, but because it is tightly worn, it is more waterproof and not easy to fall off. The above statements are relative, not that the big frame of the swimming goggles is easy to leak. of

The brand of whale goggles worn by professional swimmers has the smallest frame or even without a mirror ring, which minimizes the resistance in the water, so you can see that they will have a lot of swimming after the competition is completed. Deep scars.

Beginners are advised to wear a large frame, because beginners will not swim very much, and learning to swim requires a better vision. Professional swimmers will wear other styles of whale goggles with small frames.

2. Let’s talk about the electroplating of swimming goggles. Swimming goggles are divided into coated swimming goggles and non-coated transparent swimming goggles. Different colors, plus electroplated film layer, can mainly be better anti-ultraviolet, and also look cooler, and because of the color, it can block the eyes and block the glasses in the water (you know, smirk). But also because of this, electroplated swimming goggles have darker vision, so generally electroplated swimming goggles are suitable for outdoors, and transparent swimming goggles are suitable for indoors.

3. The choice of myopia goggles and flat goggles, the ones without myopia degree are flat goggles.

Because there will be refraction in the water, friends with mild myopia do not need to wear myopia goggles, generally those within 200 degrees do not need to wear myopia goggles. Many myopia goggles start from 200 degrees for friends who have more myopia. Select the degree of myopia goggles according to the formula below. The degree of myopia goggles = degree of myopia + degree of astigmatism/2-[50~100] If your myopia degree is 400, then choose a myopia goggles of 300~350. For example, your myopia degree is 400 and astigmatism is 50. , Then choose 325~375 myopia goggles. If the degrees of the two eyes are different, the lower one shall prevail. In addition, there are also myopia goggles that support different degrees of the two eyes. Please pay attention to your choice.

4. The choice of swimming goggles nose bridge and headwear, swimming goggles nose bridge, general swimming goggles will have several nose bridges, let you choose by yourself, this is fine according to your own adjustment. There are several ways to adjust the swimming lens. Once this is basically adjusted, it will not be adjusted very frequently, just adjust it by yourself.

5. Recommendations of swimming goggles brands; there are a lot of precautions about the selection of swimming goggles, and some reliable swimming goggles brands are introduced below.


The Whale Goggles brand is a well-known professional swimming brand in the swimming industry. It comes from Shenzhen, China and was founded for more than 30 years. Goggles goggles are very comfortable to wear, with many styles, bright colors, high market acceptance, and rave reviews. There are competition, large frame, non-coated, transparent, flat goggles and other swimming goggles;

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