Whale goggles brand introduces how to maintain swimming equipment

November 24, 2021

Shenzhen large factory goggles customization;

Like clothes to women;

Running shoes are for runners;

The strings are for the guitar;

Swimming equipment for swimmers;

Isn't it a good heart;

Is a tool to conquer the world;

If you like something, of course you must cherish it,

Incorrect use may lead to shorter equipment life.

Next, swimmers come with me to see how to maintain your swimming preparation! ! !


Swimming cap maintenance

Foreword: The swimming cap is mainly made of silicone material as the mainstream, so the next discussion is mainly around the silicone swimming cap.

1. Although the silicone swimming cap is extremely elastic, it is not recommended to pull it excessively because it is easily torn. It is recommended to slowly open the swimming cap by hand;

2. Girls with long hair should put their hair up first, the lower the position, the better, use rubber bands, hair clips are not recommended, swimming caps are easy to be pierced;

3. After the swimming cap has been used for a long time, it is easy to adhere to some dirt. Use shower gel or shampoo to foam on a soft cloth, and then wipe the surface of the swimming cap;

4. The swimming cap should be placed in a cool and dry place. If you want to make the life of the swimming cap a little longer, you can put toner on the swimming cap, which can make the life of the swimming cap a little longer.

Goggles maintenance

1. After the swimming goggles are used, they should be cleaned with clean water in time. Be careful not to use alcohol or organic solvents, which are easy to cause corrosion and the anti-fog effect will be greatly reduced;

2. Don't expose to the sun! Don't expose it to the sun! Don't expose it to the sun! The important thing is said three times, the anti-fog performance of swimming goggles will deteriorate due to exposure to the sun, and serious swimming goggles will also be deformed;

3. When you encounter grease stains on the surface of the swimming goggles, choose a neutral detergent when using the cleanser, wipe it with your fingertips and then clean it with water;

4. Not any cloth can wipe the goggles. It is recommended to use a soft and smooth cloth to avoid scratches on the lens.

5. Appropriate use in combination with anti-fog sprays can prolong the service life of swimming goggles.

Finally understand that if you love a sport, you must take care of some of it, because in your heart, after your polishing, it is the weapon that can be used most easily. Shenzhen Dachang swimming goggles manufacturer customized.

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