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Whale goggles manufacturers think the AR scene of smart goggles in the future

December 01, 2021

The development trend of swimming goggles in Europe and North America is slowly going to the AR industry and ushering in more application scenarios. Many AR hardware companies are also moving toward a positive cycle. It is not difficult to see that the AR glasses business is more of the ToB direction, and the application areas are very concentrated, such as industrial production, asset management, security protection, education and training, and so on.


But in fact, with the continuous development of the market and the birth of the environment in special times, in addition to more exploration value in key areas, there are some specific sub-scenarios such as epidemic prevention and control, which also give AR glasses more space to realize value. . Having been dormant for 2 years, while developing the holographic resin optical waveguide technology, it also released a brand new AR smart glasses.

Polarized swimming goggles

Ideals are full and reality is very skinny. Until now, almost no AR glasses with real spatial positioning and MR effects have successfully entered the consumer market. The reason behind this is not only the imperfection of the optical scheme, whether it is holography, diffraction, arrayed optical waveguide, or free-form surface, Birdbath, prism, each optical scheme has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you want to really use it in outdoor daylight scenes. There are still difficulties, not to mention the integration with the real scene.


On the other hand, AR-related content ecology is at a very early stage. In the early days, MagicLeap invested heavily in AR content research and development, and only a few products can be called excellent. Even if Apple’s ARKit has been iterated to version 5.0, in fact, AR The works are far inferior to traditional native applications in terms of quantity and income.

If you want to cut to the C side at this stage, it is more feasible to do subtraction + vertical scenes. This is why Facebook chose to launch smart glasses with Ray-Ban first. Including Apple's AR glasses, Gyro Jun, and many people in the industry speculate that they will focus on information prompts and viewing functions, first develop the user's habit of using glasses, and then deepen it step by step.


Considering the market environment, a very vertical track was chosen. It is an AR holographic smart swimming goggles. From the perspective of positioning, its highlight is not only AR, but also a new positioning of "smart swimming goggles". Different from the "intelligence" of future technology and advanced technology AR that we understand, the "intelligence" is closer to smart wearable devices.


The increase in the number of people participating in sports and fitness projects, followed by the rapid growth of the fitness equipment market, data predicts that my country's fitness equipment market will reach 51.85 billion yuan in 2021;

In the growing smart hardware market, the proportion of smart wearable devices is also increasing. Data shows that smart wearable devices will account for 20% of the total smart hardware market in 2020, with a scale of 55.87 billion.

These data point to a common conclusion: smart wearable devices have a bright future.


In contrast, the AR market only accounts for 20% of the total VR/AR market, about 1.5 billion. It is not enough "consumption" for products that want to get more ordinary consumers. It is undoubtedly a better choice to choose smart wearable devices with a broader market and clearer prospects as the product positioning.


At the same time, there is another important position, swimming. Upgrading the experience based on the original needs is the safest way to scale up quickly. Whale swimming goggles manufacturers authorized online and offline sellers, factory prices are favorable, welcome to contact us!

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