Whale goggles teach you how to choose goggles

December 31, 2021

Swimming is a favorite of people all over the world. The Olympic Games held all over the world have this swimming event. It is an indispensable fitness activity in the coming of summer. Because swimming still has a very good weight loss and shaping effect. When it comes to swimming, the first reaction is to buy swimsuits, swimming caps, and goggles, but now more and more people choose a good pair of whale goggles. Because a pair of whale swimming goggles can effectively prevent bacteria and other stains from damaging the eyes, and it can also maintain a good vision in the water when swimming. With so many brands of whale goggles, every whale goggles looks the same. How to choose the whale goggles that suits you is the most important thing.

The best female swimming goggles

Choosing whale swimming goggles is definitely more than just watching whale swimming goggles and wearing leaking goggles. There are also many aspects to choose whale swimming goggles that suit you. In addition to avoiding bacterial infections, the biggest feature of choosing whale swimming goggles is to develop underwater vision, which will bring good news to myopia patients. But for surfing and water speed sports, wearing goggles is to avoid injured eyes and increase the sense of security.

How to choose whale swimming goggles is the most important thing to do with his lenses. The quality of the lenses depends on his clarity, anti-fog, and anti-ultraviolet effects. These parameters are very important for choosing whale swimming goggles. Whale swimming goggles are These functions are achieved through lens coating. Anti-fog and clarity are the most basic functions of swimming goggles. A pair of contact lenses, whether suitable for outdoor or indoor use, must have a good vision in order to have a clear view underwater. When choosing a mirror, you should pay attention to the anti-fog function and how to define it.

So in the choice of mirror swimming, is the anti-ultraviolet function right? necessary? If it is only indoors, it would be better if the whale swimming goggles customers suggest not to have the anti-ultraviolet function, because the anti-ultraviolet function is achieved through the coating. An extra layer of plating affects the clarity to a certain extent, long-term wearing may cause eye discomfort, and the price of UV-proof contact lenses will be much more expensive. Outside, due to factors such as sunlight and water refraction, ultraviolet rays will be particularly strong, so it is best to choose swimming goggles with anti-radiation function.

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