Whale goggles top goggles factory: in meeting the arrival of ordinary people swimming AR glasses

December 01, 2021

The swimming goggles are made in China. Let us take a look at this AR holographic smart swimming goggles.


A special version of the resin optical waveguide series is adopted, with a transmittance of up to 78% and a FOV of 25°. Compared with the AR glasses with a transmittance of 10%-50% on the market, the high transmittance can be Real-time swimming data is displayed in front of the user. Under the condition of clear and effective display of digital information, the display field of view is not blocked, and the seamless superposition of the virtual world and the real world is truly realized, and sports safety can also be ensured.


Swimming goggles factory

Thanks to the use of all resin materials, the lenses are comparable to the so-called "ultra-light AR glasses" on the market. They are only 75g and weigh the same as an egg, so that wearing swimming will not affect the wearing experience and swimming due to the increased electronic configuration. speed. At the same time, it supports a long battery life of up to 10 hours, which can easily cover a whole day of sports training time.


For swimming scenes, myopia lenses can also be customized to support 0-800° myopia range, and different degrees of left and right eyes can be configured. To meet the needs of the mass market, there are 6 trend colors to choose from, including Dreamland Purple, Sunshine Orange, and Fairy Green.

In terms of hardware configuration, compared to the traditional swimming goggles on the market, it is smarter and uses technology to create value for users. In terms of design aesthetics, the design language of AR glasses that is too "industrial" is changed, and the aesthetic language of technology is used to increase the eye-catching point of AR glasses in the mass market. From these perspectives, it can be called "ingenious", but its real highlight is not only the surface parameters and appearance.

Most consumer-grade smart wearable devices for fitness exercises on the market, such as AppleWatch, Mi Band, Huawei Watch, etc., all use mobile phone-derived operating systems and usage habits, which are part of the mobile phone ecology, generally emphasizing small size and battery life It is also the basic requirements of the current consumer market for smart wearable devices, as well as comprehensive capabilities such as auxiliary office and life brought by a strong ecosystem. Combining the characteristics of smart wearable devices, the AR holographic smart swimming glasses, in addition to the unique advantages brought by AR, based on the positioning of "smart wearable devices", what other advantages do they have?


One is waterproof performance. Before flaunting its AR smart functions, it must first ensure that it is a professional swimming goggles. So it has level waterproof capability. How to understand, Apple iPhone 12 is waterproof, and it will not be disturbed when used for 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters in the marked test. According to CNET's actual measurement, the iPhone 12 was put into a lake with a water depth of about 6 meters. After 30 minutes, it was found that all functions of the iPhone 12 were normal, except for the sound quality of the speaker, which was slightly dull. In other words, if the experimental error is not large, the waterproof ability under the same length and water depth can also be achieved. Whale swimming goggles brand authorized online and offline selling wholesale, the factory Pengyifa modern factory is 40,000 square meters, welcome to contact us to customize the swimming goggles logo brand!

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