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Whale prescription goggles, with age group goggles

December 06, 2021

Whale goggles and goggles are now suitable for small faces. Celebrate the good news with us! With a smaller eye seal and narrower pupil distance, this alternative to standard whale goggles goggles is ideal for people with a smaller head or a narrower optical center (i.e. the distance between pupils). Different prescription lenses are suitable for each eye. They are polycarbonate smoke lenses with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings that provide 99% UV protection.

The goggles have a soft silicone eye seal and double headband to prevent slipping and leakage. Includes an adjustable nose bridge.

Swimming goggles

Suitable for younger adults, correcting farsightedness or nearsightedness, adjustable nose bridge, various colors, each eye has the same or different power, pre-assembled, hard plastic shell, prescription goggles now with mirror lenses, prescription goggles Tinted and mirrored lenses are now available, with many high-quality features.

1. The most effective way is to buy anti-fogging agent for swimming goggles. Spread the anti-fogging agent evenly on the inner lens of the swimming goggles. After it dries naturally, rinse it with water. The anti-fogging effect is the same as when it is new. An anti-fogging agent can be used for a long time, so it is recommended for frequent swimmers. Of course, you should buy a better anti-fogging agent, otherwise the inferior anti-fogging agent is not good for your eyes.

2. Egg white. Wash the inside of the swimming goggles with a little detergent and dry. Take a fresh egg, break a small hole, let the egg white flow into the swimming goggles to make it evenly distributed, then pour out the excess egg white and dry it. The anti-fogging effect of egg white is not as long as that of anti-fogging agents, but it can also be regarded as a way. Outdoor sports whale brand and Bines brand swimming goggles authorized Shenzhen Pengyifa manufacturer to specialize in swimming goggles, diving goggles, ski goggles, goggles, diving masks, diving webs, swimming cap products, support OEM, ODM for customers to customize arbitrarily Exclusive brand logo;

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