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Whale swimming goggles explain various swimming skills and techniques

December 16, 2021

1. At the beginning of the stroke, gently stretch your hand into the water, with your fingertips in the water first;

2. The palm of your hand should face the bottom of the pool, your wrist should be slightly higher than your fingers, and your elbow should be at a higher position;

3. Keep your elbows raised when your arms enter the water and hem;

4. Press the forearm down and stroke as much as possible. While holding the water with one hand, move the other hand out of the water;

5. When pulling the water, point your fingers to the bottom of the pool and keep your elbows in a higher position. You should pull your body over your arm;

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6. Pull water should be done under your body; keep your arms under your body when pulling water, not on both sides;

7. Stretch your arms at the end of the stroke, and push back when the hand comes out of the water;

8. Keep your arms bent when paddling, and straighten them slightly when they come out of the water;

9. When the arm comes out of water, bend the elbow to raise it and point it towards the roof;

10. Use your shoulders to move the arms to relax the arms, and then extend the forearms to let them into the water.

Freestyle skills:

1. Remember to keep your head in the middle when swimming. That is, look directly below;

2. Straighten your back and keep your body straight;

3. Except when you turn your head to ventilate, your head should always face the bottom of the pool at a 90-degree angle.

4. Freestyle kicking skills

1. Relax your feet, stretch your ankles, and make your colleague who is slightly bent to straighten your toes;

2. Keep your legs straight and bend your knees slightly when the legs are close to the water-kick up;

3. Then exert force on the buttocks and stretch them when the legs are drawn towards the bottom of the pool-kick down;

4. Keep your toes straight and accelerate when kicking down to generate more power.

Freestyle breathing skills:

1. When your arm starts to stretch out of the water, turn your head to one side, and when your arm is stretched forward, breathe under the arm;

2. Try to keep your body upright and only turn your head when you breathe;

3. Turn your head back to the position looking towards the bottom of the pool as soon as possible after breathing;

4. When turning the head back to the center position, exhale slowly through the mouth or nose;

5. Before the next inhalation, exhale comfortably.

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