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Whale swimming goggles, high-value and high-protection American net red swimming goggles

December 13, 2021

Qihua Abao's father led hundreds of thousands of Ma Ma to chop his hands together;

Some time ago, Abao’s dad posted an article "Parents must watch: How to choose your child’s swimming equipment correctly, Abao’s dad made the most complete summary!" The response was very enthusiastic, and many readers asked whether the swimming goggles Did not recommend it, so Abao's dad searched hard and found a fashion brand children's swimming goggles that is very popular in Hollywood-American children's brand, which is the first choice for many celebrity parents to choose their children to go out.

Swimming goggles factory

The first thing that impresses Abao's dad is undoubtedly the appearance of this goggles. The look is cute and interesting. It has a high rate of return when wearing it. It is not easy to hit the money. It is suitable for 3-6 years old, male and female treasures. Yes, just pick a few of them first.

Of course, swimming goggles are not designed for concave shapes. Wearing swimming goggles is not only to facilitate observation while swimming, and to avoid collision and injury. The most important thing is to avoid eyeball irritation and inflammation or infection during swimming. Because the water quality of the swimming pool contains a lot of bleaching agents, disinfectants, etc. used for swimming pool cleaning, it can cause irritation to children's eyes. The bacteria in the water can even cause some eye diseases in the eyes. The most common is conjunctivitis, which is what we often say Pinkeye.

Children's cornea and lens are clearer than adults, so they are more susceptible to pool water. Therefore, whether children learn to swim or play in the pool, in addition to providing children with swimwear and swimming caps, swimming goggles should also be prepared. Especially in summer, this season is a season of high incidence of trachoma and pinkeye. Swimming pools are a high-risk place for transmission. It is best to wear swimming goggles when swimming.


Abao's dad has also bought several sets of swimming goggles for his children. Various brands have their own advantages. In terms of function, material, design, practicality, etc., this time the recommendation is widely acclaimed, except for a glance. With respect to the appearance, Abao's dad will carefully talk about the reasons for other recommendations.

Anti-pollution: Effectively ensure the health and safety of children’s glasses in the water. The swimming goggles at home are made of high-quality silica gel. After tens of thousands of tests, they fit the baby’s eye area and prevent water from flowing into the glasses. To provide protection against various pollution in the water, and the headband can be adjusted according to the size of the head shape of Mengbao, so that the glasses will not slip in the water and be carried safely.

Anti-fogging: It can make the children's glasses clear in the water, because the body exercise consumes heat, the children are more likely to emit heat and sweat when playing. The heat emitted around the eyes makes the temperature in the goggles higher than swimming The temperature outside the mirror produces fog, which makes people’s vision blurred, which is why the swimming goggles are fogged.

In order to prevent the swimming goggles from fogging, the home has done an enhanced anti-fog treatment on the mirror surface, which is at least twice that of ordinary swimming goggles. After breathing, it can disappear quickly (anti-fog), which can ensure that the child's underwater vision is clear and better Observe the surrounding environment and see clearly to make the baby safer.

Anti-UV design: Effectively avoid strong sunlight from damaging children’s eyes. The lens in children’s eyeballs has not yet fully developed, and the ability to defend against ultraviolet rays is low. Under the same lighting conditions, the intake of ultraviolet rays is 3 times that of adults, and long-term exposure. It can also harm the cornea and retina, causing irreversible damage, such as a variety of eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Swimming outdoors during the day. If you wear swimming goggles that do not have UV protection and can block UV rays, your eyes will be wide open. If the UV rays enter, the damage to your eyes can be imagined.

The lens of this swimming goggles is capable of ultraviolet shielding and anti-fog, which can block harmful ultraviolet radiation and protect children's eyes in all aspects. You don’t have to worry that the film will block your eyes. The film can be torn off directly.

Comfortable to wear: The baby is willing to wear it, and it is more worry-free. A good pair of children's swimming goggles must have both malleability and comfort at the same time, so that they can be worn comfortably. The goggles and headbands of our swimming goggles are made of high-quality silicone materials. The design of the goggles pays more attention to fitting the baby's eye area. It is comfortable to wear and soft to the touch. Children are more willing to wear them without pressing the eyes.

The headband can not only adjust the size of the wearing, but also pull it hard, which is full of elasticity and not tight.

Moreover, the nose pads of this swimming goggles can be adjusted, according to the children of different ages and different face shapes to choose the right position adjustment, so that the children can wear it more comfortably.

Anti-shatter and shatter-resistant lens: safe and durable, even swimming goggles can be a toy in the eyes of children. When children are playing, parents are most afraid of breaking the lens, worrying about hurting the child. The lens of this swimming goggles is made of PC, and it is very safe for children to sit on it without breaking. Whale goggles authorized online e-commerce amazon, eBay, wish, and AliExpress to customize their own brands; offline authorized wholesalers and large sellers customize their own brands;

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