Whale swimming goggles learn breaststroke steps

December 17, 2021

Learn leg movements, an introduction to breaststroke;

1. Sitting and bracing to imitate breaststroke legs: sit on a bench or on the bank of the pool, raise your upper body later, support your hands on the back of your body, straighten your legs together, extend your hip joints, make your body in a straight line, and draw breaststroke legs. Practice the movement of legs, turning the feet, pushing and pinching the water, and stopping for a while. The angle of the thighs to the torso cannot be less than 90 degrees. Flip - Flip the foot outwards, hook the toes, buckle the knee joint slightly inward, and push the inner side of the calf diagonally.

2. Lying prone to imitate breaststroke legs: Place the upper third of the thigh close to the bench or the bank of the pool in prone position, which saves effort and can control the thighs. The focus of this exercise is to experience the route and rhythm of the action of turning the foot and the leg kick. However, since he relies entirely on his own muscle feelings, he is often prone to errors when he is not proficient in the actions, so it is best to work with a partner or teacher Under the guidance of

Learn arm movements and coordination techniques with breathing;

Stand, lean your upper body forward, stretch your arms forward, and do breaststroke arm movements with your palms down. After you have basically mastered it, cooperate with breathing exercises, plan your arms to inhale, stretch your hands and lower your head to exhale, and practice on the water;

1. Do arm strokes while standing in the water.

2. Practice arm strokes and breathing while walking in the water.

3. Sliding prone and doing arm stroke exercises.

4. Sliding prone and doing arm strokes and breathing exercises.

Whale swimming goggles

Learn complete coordination techniques and break down the overall action of breaststroke;

Stand with your feet apart, raise your arms up close together and straighten them close to your ears, and do exercises with your arms and one leg for breathing.

This kind of exercise focuses on understanding the coordination between the arms, legs and head breathing. It is generally practiced in the early stage of learning and there is no practice value in the future.

Water practice

1. Cooperate exercises with one arm, leg and breathing: exercise with one hand on the board, or on the bank of the pool, or by grasping the hand of a partner. Pay attention to the body to be flat, not "stand up".

2. Sliding in the water to do the decomposition and coordination of the arms and legs: that is, draw a hand first, then kick a leg, and realize the concept of arm movement first and leg second.

3. Arms and legs coherent exercises: you can lower your head and hold your breath or raise your head to focus on the timing of arm and leg coordination.

4. Complete coordination exercises for arms, legs, and breathing: When doing this exercise, you can start with multiple arms and legs coordination, one breathing exercise; you can also do multiple kicks, one arm and one breathing exercise; you can also do Raise your head without doing breathing exercises with arms and legs. Whale swimming goggles authorize online e-commerce amazon, ebay, wish, and AliExpress to customize their own brands; offline authorized wholesalers and big sellers customize their own brands; we are a brand designer, factory manufacturer, and a large modern factory of 40,000 square meters , Welcome to email direct consultation!

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